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ARTICLE XIV. No Pyramiding of Overtime or Premium Pay 18 Article XV: Service Vehicles for Regular Full-Time Employees 19 Article XVI: Uniforms 19 Article XVII: Licensing for Regular Full-Time Employees 19 Article XVIII: Tools 19 Article XIX: Contracting Out 19 Article XX: Sick Leave for Regular Full-Time Employees 20 Article XXI: Bereavement Leave 21 Article XXII: Holiday Schedule 21 Article XXIII: Seniority 21 Article XXIV: Life Insurance for Regular Full-Time Employees 22 Article XXV: Health Program for Regular Full-Time Employees 23 Article XXVI: Cash-in-lieu-of Health Insurance 23 Article XXVII: Wage Rates 23 Article XXVII-A: Retention Incentive 24 Article XXVIII: Long-Term Disability Insurance for Regular Full-Time Employees 25 Article XXIX: Retirement Plan for Regular Full-Time Employees 25
ARTICLE XIV means this Article XIV which has been incorporated in and made a part of this Indenture pursuant to the Fifth Supplement, together with all amendments of and supplements to this Article XIV entered into pursuant to the provisions of Section 7.01.

Examples of ARTICLE XIV in a sentence

  • The Existing Charter is hereby amended by amending ARTICLE XIV to read in its entirety as follows: ARTICLE XIVReserved.

  • IMMUNITY OF INCORPORATORS, STOCKHOLDERS, OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS 42 Section 13.1. Indenture and Debentures Solely Corporate Obligations 42 ARTICLE XIV.

  • Each payment delivered to the Agent for the account of any Lender shall be delivered promptly by the Agent to such Lender in the same type of funds which the Agent received at its address specified pursuant to ARTICLE XIV or at any Lending Installation specified in a notice received by the Agent from such Lender.

  • The provisions of this ARTICLE XIV shall be considered an express agreement governing any cause of damage or destruction to the applicable Leased Property and, to the maximum extent permitted by law, no local or state statute, law, rule, regulation or ordinance in effect during the Term which provides for such a contingency shall have any application in such case.

  • Losses shall be payable to Lessor and/or Superior Mortgagee as provided in ARTICLE XIV.

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ARTICLE XIV. Mechanics' and Other Liens ................................... 12 ARTICLE XV: Signage ....................................................... 13
ARTICLE XIV. JOB OPENING/HIRING/PROBATION 23 Section 14.1. Job Opening 23 Section 14.2. Hiring 23 Section 14.3. Probation Period 23 Section 14.3.1. Consideration of Prior Experience 24 Section 14.4. Temporary Employees 24 Section 14.4.1. Regular Employee Subbing for Leave of Absence Positions 24 Section 14.5. Seasonal Employees 24 ARTICLE XV: DISCIPLINE AND DISCHARGE 25 Section 15.2. Suspensions/Discharge 25 ARTICLE XVI: GRIEVANCE /PROCEDURE 26 Section 16.1. Disagreements 26 Section 16.2. Timelines 26 ARTICLE XVII: NO STRIKE CLAUSE 27
ARTICLE XIV. HEALTH INSURANCE AND WELFARE TRUST FUND (14.1-14.4.1) 26 Health Insurance (14.1) 26 Health Insurance Buyout (14.2) 26 Health Insurance in Retirement (14.3) 27 Welfare Trust Fund (14.4) 28
ARTICLE XIV. Section 1 F, Modify as follows: . The Newark Public Schools shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to grant a hiring bonus of $3,000 for a first year teacher with no prior teaching experience and a bonus of $4,000 to a teacher with three or more years of experience in critical certification areas. The Superintendent shall have the right, at her/his sole discretion, to grant advanced standing on the salary guide. The critical certification areas, for first year teachers as well as experienced teachers, are subject to change as needed after consultation with the Union.