INTENT AND PURPOSE. 1.01 The Employer and the Union each represent that the purpose and the intent of this Agreement is to promote cooperation and harmony, to recognize mutual interests, to provide a channel through which information and problems may be transmitted from one to the other, to formulate rules to govern the relationship between the Union and the Employer, to promote efficiency and service, and to set forth herein the basic agreements covering rates of pay, hours of work, and conditions of employment.
INTENT AND PURPOSE. The intent and purpose of this agreement is to establish a contractual relationship with technology equipment manufacturers, software and service providers to provide, warrant, and offer maintenance services on all products proposed in their response to the RFP issued by OETC on behalf of its public K-20 membership. The Contractor, or its designated Fulfillment Agents, shall provide delivery, support, warranty and maintenance for all products and services covered in this agreement. The Contractor agrees to take responsibility for the product and pricing updates, warranty and maintenance of all products furnished under this agreement. The Contractor is responsible for the timeliness and quality of all services provided by individual Fulfillment Agents.
INTENT AND PURPOSE. This Article 14 is written and agreed to in respect of the intent of the parties to assign the risk of loss, whether resulting from negligence of the parties or otherwise, to the party who is obligated hereunder to cover the risk of such loss with insurance. Thus, the indemnity and waiver of claims provisions of this Lease have as their object, so long as such object is not in violation of public policy, the assignment of risk for a particular casualty to the party carrying the insurance for such risk, without respect to the causation thereof.
INTENT AND PURPOSE. It is the intent and purpose of the Parties hereto that this Agreement will promote and improve harmonious labour relations, and facilitate the peaceful adjustment of differences between the Company and the employees covered by the terms of this Agreement; and set forth herein the Agreement covering the rates of pay, hours of work, and working conditions to be observed.
INTENT AND PURPOSE. 1.01 The general purpose of this Agreement is in the mutual interests of the Employer, the Union and the employees and is to provide for the effective operation of the Employer's business and to establish and maintain a satisfactory procedure to cover the settlement of differences arising out of this Contract, and to set forth those working conditions which have been negotiated.
INTENT AND PURPOSE. The general intent and purpose of this Agreement is in the mutual interests of the School committee and the Union, to provide for the operation of our school buildings under methods which will further to the fullest extent possible the safety, welfare and health of the school children of the City of Fitchburg under conditions which will insure economy of operation, quality and quantity of performance, cleanliness of the buildings, and protection of the property. By the consummation of the Agreement the parties seek to continue and promote harmonious relations and mutual cooperation between the Committee and the Union; to formulate work rules to govern the relationship; to set forth the agreement of the parties with respect to rates of pay, hours of work and condition of employment under which members represented by the Union perform their duties; to provide for an orderly and equitable adjustment of all grievances as herein defined, all with the goal of improving the educational system of the City of Fitchburg. In seeking to achieve those goals, the parties acknowledge that the Committee has and must retain complete authority over the policies and administration of the schools which it exercises under law, except as expressly modified by a specific provision of this Agreement.