Responsibilities of the Sample Clauses

Responsibilities of the competent authorities The competent authorities:
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Responsibilities of the. REPRESENTATIVE
Responsibilities of the. PARTIES In consideration of and subject to the terms of this Agreement and all applicable laws, the Parties shall carry out their respective responsibilities in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and within the scope of responsibilities as set out below. 4.1 ABC’s responsibilities shall be as follows:- Funding Phase (a) to secure the grant on the execution of this Agreement. Development Phase: (a) to be responsible for the overall running of the Project; (b) to carry out activities of Milestone 1 to Milestone 9 as set out in Project Milestone and output in Part B of Schedule A. (c) to be responsible for all reasonable funding as stated in sub-clause 3.1 above and as required for the Project. (d) to purchase, maintain and service all the necessary equipment and expenses as per Schedule B of this Agreement and consumables for ABC’s Chief Technical Officer (hereinafter referred to as “ABC CTO”) to carry out the Project, whereby all the above equipment and instrument shall be placed at location to be mutually agreed by both Parties. (e) to release and disburse the progressive payment(s) to USM’s Chief Technical Officer (hereinafter referred to as “USM CTO”) and/or USM in accordance to sub clause 5.1 herein. For the avoidance of doubt, the Schedule of Payment shall not include the equipment cost to be purchased and delivered by ABC pursuant to sub clause 4.1(d) herein. (f) The first progressive payment on the above Schedule of Payment shall be released and disbursed to USM CTO within ….. working days from the date of execution of this Agreement and the subsequent progressive payment(s) shall be made to USM CTO according to Schedule A project milestone 4.2 USM’s responsibilities shall be as follows:- Development Phase: (a) to assist ABC in carrying out activities of Milestone 2 – 9 within USM scope as per Functional Design Specification document in delivering the objectives of the Project as described below; (i) to assist ABC to develop ……. process simulator system; (ii) to assist ABC to develop model for …… system. (iii) to assist ABC for communication protocol for …….. (b) to assist ABC in the overall running of the Project through the appointment of a USM CTO; and (c) to provide advice, personnel and the resources for the successful completion of the Project. 4.3
Responsibilities of the. The Employer the Union as the sole collective bargaining agency for all employees coming within the scope of this Agreement. The Employer and the Union agree that there shall be no discrimination, interference, restriction or coercion exercised or with respect to any member of the bargaining unit in any matter concerning working conditions, or the application of the provisions of Agreement, by reason of age, race, creed, colour, national origin, citizenship, religious or political affiliation or belief, sex, marital status, sexual orientation or place of residence. The will not restrict the employment of anyone on the basis of physical disability, mental disability or language disability, provided such disability does not interfere with his/her ability to the requirements of the job. The Employer and the Union agree that during the life of this Agreement and during the period of negotiations of any revisions to this Agreement, or of a new agreement including the period of arbitration, shall be no lockout or strike. The Employer and the Union and accept the provisions of this Agreement as binding upon each party, and upon each of their representatives, pledge that they and each of their duly representatives will observe the provisions of this Agreement. The Employer agrees to the Union’s Labour Representatives. The Union agrees that membership solicitation and other Union activity not pertaining to this Agreement will not take place during working hours, or on the premises of the Employer, or on any work project the Employer may be engaged in.
Responsibilities of the competent authorities The state competent authorities are responsible for the management and coordination of the application of the present Agreement. The regional and local competent authorities in each state may agree, under their national legislation and within their competences and available funds, on the implementation and development of collaboration under the present Agreement. These authorities shall themselves be responsible for their obligations under such commitments.
Responsibilities of the. PARTIESIn all activities performed in connection with this CA, both Parties will comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as their own policies and any applicable funding agreements.
Responsibilities of the. Membership in Equity It is understood that it is the responsibility of the Artist to maintain membership in good standing in Canadian Actors' Equity Association and to furnish evidence to the when requested. Contractual Obligations The Artist agrees to abide by all contractual obligations stated in the Artist's engagement contract and all riders attached thereto. Services Provided by the Artist The Artist agrees to be prompt and punctual at rehearsals, and to attend all rehearsals as required; to appear at the no later than the half hour call; and to conform to the score to the best of the Artist's ability; and to respect the physical property of the
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Responsibilities of the competent authorities The competent authorities of the Contracting Parties shall:
Responsibilities of the. University The University shall assume full responsibility and authority to do the following: 1.1 Designate a campus-based advisor to assist the student in setting learning objectives, to confer with agency personnel, to monitor the student's progress, and to evaluate the academic performance of the student;
Responsibilities of the. Parties The parties will each be responsible for theirrespective Joint Service activities as listed below, except that Honor and HII will guarantee each other’s obligations hereunder. The parties will perform their obligations in accordance with the Franchise Agreement and the Central Operations Manual (as defined below). In accordance with the Franchise Agreement, Franchisee must comply with the designated Operations Manual, which provides mandatory and suggested specifications, standards and operating procedures. With respect to the Joint Service, that Operations Manual is hereby replaced in its entirety by the Central Operations Manual, the current version of which is attached hereto as Exhibit C (the “Central Operations Manual”). Any future revisions to the Central Operations Manual will be provided to the Independent Association of Home Instead Franchisees, Inc. (the “Association”) at least 15 days prior to its going into effect.
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