Contractual Relationship definition

Contractual Relationship means any purchase contract, contract for work, contract on procurement of a thing, or any other contract, agreement or arrangement that establishes the Contractual Relationship between PP in the position of acceptant of the Performance and payer of its Price and the Supplier in the position of provider of the Performance to PP based on the Conclusion of the Contractual Relationship. The provisions of Part IV, Chapter II of the Civil Code regulating individual contract types shall only apply to contracts, the content of which, as agreed by the Parties, includes the substantial parts of the contract as set out in the basic provision for each such contract. The Contractual Relationship shall further mean, for the purposes hereof, such contract or agreement which is not regulated as a contract type, provided that the Parties have sufficiently specified the subject of their obligations therein.
Contractual Relationship or “Contract”: means the contractual relationship established by (i) Customer’s Order for purchase of Services referencing this QUANT GTC/Services which is accepted by Supplier (either expressly by written statement, or impliedly by fulfilling the Order, in whole or in part), or (ii) a written agreement concluded between the Parties for purchase of Services referencing this QUANT GTC/Services, in any case including the related contractual documents;
Contractual Relationship means the employment relationship, the director relationship or the consultancy relationship between a Participant and the Company or any of its subsidiaries, as the case may be, which was in effect at the Grant Date.

Examples of Contractual Relationship in a sentence

  • Section 3.05 No Contractual Relationship between Subservicers and the Trustee.....................................................

  • No Contractual Relationship Between Subservicer and Trustee or Certificateholders..........................................................48 Section 3.06.

  • Section 3.05 No Contractual Relationship between Subservicers and the Trustee......................................................

  • SECTION 3.05 No Contractual Relationship Between Sub-Servicers and Trustee, Trust Administrator or Certificateholders.

  • No Contractual Relationship Between Subservicer and Trustee or Certificateholders.

More Definitions of Contractual Relationship

Contractual Relationship means the relationship between a principal and a commission salesperson based on a contract between them providing for the commission salesperson to solicit and make sales within this state of merchandise to be shipped into or services to be performed within this state.
Contractual Relationship means relationships involving land contracts, deeds or other instruments transferring title or possession.
Contractual Relationship means, in relation to a Member, the contractual relationship between X-CLEAR and the Member constituted by and comprising the following documents in their currently valid form:
Contractual Relationship means an agreement between a sports agent and student athlete under which the sports agent agrees to:
Contractual Relationship means, but is not limited to, land contracts, deeds, easements, leases or other instruments transferring title or possession. A "contractual relationship'' does not exist if the real property on which the facility concerned is located was acquired by the person after the disposal or placement of the hazardous substance on, in, or at the facility, and 1 or more of the circumstances described in paragraph (6)a., b., or c. of this section is also established by the person by a preponderance of the evidence:
Contractual Relationship means the main agreement between the Parties defining the delivery of the services and/or products or the collaboration between the Parties, including all its amendments and annexes and anything that is subsequently agreed between the Parties with respect to this DPA;
Contractual Relationship means a contractual relationship between the Client and Fairplay Pay which include the rights, obligations and conditions specified in particular by the Agreement, whereas the Contractual relationship terms and conditions are further defined in the GBT, the Integration Manual, the Charges and Fees Price List, and any other documents which might affect the contractual relationship, always in the amended wording.