implemented Sample Clauses

implemented. Until the end of such six (6) month period, the Trust shall continue to accept and implement orders by the Company for the purchase and redemption of shares of the Trust.
implemented. 12 The cluster budget cycle is as follows: Spring Term • If necessary, the cluster finance headteacher prepares a third revision of the budget for the current year for the cluster governors’ committee to consider at its meeting in the first half of the term. • The approved cluster budget revision is sent to the LA by 28 February. • A draft budget plan for the coming financial year, and two further years, is prepared by the cluster finance headteacher and taken to the cluster governors’ committee meeting in the second half of the spring term. The cluster governors’ committee will carefully consider the budget plan and a report from the cluster finance headteacher before approving the cluster’s budget plan. • The cluster finance headteacher submits the approved cluster budget plan to the LA by 1 May each year. Summer Term • The cluster finance headteacher prepares a first revision of the cluster budget for the cluster governors’ committee to consider and approve. The revision takes account of the actual balance in hand from the previous financial year. • The approved cluster budget revision is sent to the LA by the end of the summer term, as per Norfolk’s Scheme for Financing Schools.
implemented. 9 As set out in its’ terms of reference, the cluster governors’ committee is responsible for: • agreeing and approving draft budgets in time for submission to the LA by 1 May each year • all financial appraisalsforecasting cluster numbers on roll and future resources • monitoring and adjusting in-year expenditure • ensuring accounts are properly closed and reviewing the outturn positionevaluating the effectiveness of financial decisions 10 Any review of staffing should be recommended by the cluster finance headteacher to the cluster governors’ committee, which should assess the budgetary implications of the recommendations prior to agreeing to the recommendations. The Cluster finance headteacher 11 The cluster governors’ committee delegate responsibility for the day-to-day operational management of the cluster finances to the cluster finance headteacher. 12 The cluster finance headteacher ensures compliance with the financial regulations in Norfolk’s Scheme for Financing Schools. 13 The cluster finance headteacher ensures that sound systems of internal control are in place. 14 The cluster finance headteacher compiles draft budgets. 15 The cluster finance headteacher monitors the budget monthly and supplies the cluster governors’ committee with monitoring information. The information for the cluster governors’ committee takes the form of Norfolk’s budget proforma, includes committed expenditure and is accompanied by the cluster finance headteacher’s written commentary.
implemented. If neither an OCIP or a CCIP is implemented, each of Owner and Contractor, as applicable, shall maintain the coverages specified in Section 16.1, with the following exceptions, such coverages to be reimbursed by Owner on a Time and Materials Basis:
implemented. The Staff 16 Staff comply with financial regulations in Norfolk’s Scheme for Financing Schools and any cluster specific requirements. 17 Staff are responsible for any budget whose management is delegated to them. Expenditure Limits 18 The inclusion of an item in the approved budget plan gives authority to spend, save that the cluster finance headteacher seeks approval from the cluster governors’ committee for any individual transaction in excess of £…….. 19 The cluster finance headteacher authorises virements up to £……. Above this amount cluster governors’ committee approval is sought. All virements are minuted. Orders 20 Quotations are obtained or tenders sought for purchases exceeding the limits set out in Norfolk’s Scheme for Financing Schools. Minutes 21 Minutes are taken which record the basis for any decisions made and clearly state the decisions themselves. Draft minutes are circulated to members of the committee within one week of its meeting and are agreed and signed at its next meeting. The minutes of all meetings are reported to the cluster governors’ committee and thence to the meetings of individual schools’ governing bodies. Register of Business Interests 22 The cluster finance headteacher maintains a register of business interest for governors and for staff who influence financial decisions. The register is attached at Appendix 2. (See appendices 2 & 3 of the CFPM) Key Financial Tasks 23 The finance committee undertake the key financial tasks each term as outlined in the document at Appendix 3. (See Appendix 4 of the CFPM) B FINANCIAL PLANNING Implemented 1 The cluster development plan includes a statement of its educational priorities to guide the planning process. The cluster development plan states the priorities in sufficient detail to provide the basis for constructing budget plans. 2 There is a clear, identifiable link between the cluster’s annual budget and the cluster development plan. 3 For each of the key issues in the cluster development plan, costs and other inputs are identified and budgets prepared. 4 The cluster development plan is reviewed in the autumn term to ensure that educational priorities are stated for the next three years and shows how the use of resources is linked to achieving the goals. 5 The cluster budget is revised after the review of the development plan and resources identified within the budget to deliver the plan’s priorities 6 The cluster budget is maintained for the current financial year and two further ...

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  • Accounting System Requirement The Contractor shall maintain an adequate system of accounting and internal controls that meets Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or “GAAP.”

  • Accounting Policies and Procedures Make any change to its accounting methods, principles, policies, procedures or practices, except as may be required by GAAP, Regulation S-X promulgated by the SEC or applicable statutory accounting principles;

  • Implementation Plan The Authority shall cause to be prepared an Implementation Plan meeting the requirements of Public Utilities Code Section 366.2 and any applicable Public Utilities Commission regulations as soon after the Effective Date as reasonably practicable. The Implementation Plan shall not be filed with the Public Utilities Commission until it is approved by the Board in the manner provided by Section 4.9.

  • Accounting Procedures 7.3.1. Principal and Interest Computation.......................... 7.3.2.

  • Conformity with Plan This Agreement is intended to conform in all respects with, and is subject to all applicable provisions of, the Plan. Inconsistencies between this Agreement and the Plan shall be resolved in accordance with the terms of the Plan. In the event of any ambiguity in this Agreement or any matters as to which this Agreement is silent, the Plan shall govern. A copy of the Plan is available upon request to the Administrator.

  • Change Control Procedures Any proposed changes to the Services set forth in this Engagement Schedule must be made in accordance with the Change Control Procedures set forth in Attachment F.

  • Reporting Procedures The Employee shall be based in Halifax and will report to or at the direction of the President of the Company. The Employee shall report fully on the management, operations and business affairs of the Company advising to the best of his ability and in accordance with reasonable standards on matters that may arise from time to time during the terms of this Agreement.

  • Compliance Program The Transfer Agent maintains and will continue to maintain a comprehensive compliance program reasonably designed to prevent violations of the federal securities laws pursuant to Rule 38a-1 under the 1940 Act. Pursuant to its compliance program, the Transfer Agent will provide periodic measurement reports to the Fund. Upon request of the Fund, the Transfer Agent will provide to the Fund in connection with any periodic annual or semi-annual shareholder report filed by the Fund or, in the absence of the filing of such reports, on a quarterly basis, a sub-certification pursuant to the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act of 2002 with respect to the Transfer Agent’s performance of the services set forth in this Agreement and its internal controls related thereto. In addition, on a quarterly basis, the Transfer Agent will provide to the Fund a certification in connection with Rule 38a-1 under the 1940 Act. The Transfer Agent reserves the right to amend and update its compliance program and the measurement tools and certifications provided thereunder from time to time in order to address changing regulatory and industry developments.

  • Compliance Plan a. Contractor shall, at a minimum, adopt and comply with all provisions of the latest version of the Health Agency Compliance Plan and Code of Conduct–Contractor and Network Provider Version (“Compliance Plan”). Contractor may adopt and comply with an alternate Compliance Plan and Code of Conduct if granted written approval by the Health Agency Compliance Officer. Contractor shall adopt effective measures to enforce compliance with the Compliance Plan by its employees, subcontractors and agents.

  • Good Utility Practice Any of the practices, methods and acts engaged in or approved by a significant portion of the electric utility industry during the relevant time period, or any of the practices, methods and acts which, in the exercise of reasonable judgment in light of the facts known at the time the decision was made, could have been expected to accomplish the desired result at a reasonable cost consistent with good business practices, reliability, safety and expedition. Good Utility Practice is not intended to be any one of a number of the optimum practices, methods, or acts to the exclusion of all others, but rather to be acceptable practices, methods, or acts generally accepted in the region. Governmental Authority – Any federal, state, local or other governmental regulatory or administrative agency, court, commission, department, board, or other governmental subdivision, legislature, rulemaking board, tribunal, or other governmental authority having jurisdiction over the Parties, their respective facilities, or the respective services they provide, and exercising or entitled to exercise any administrative, executive, police, or taxing authority or power; provided, however, that such term does not include the Interconnection Customer, CAISO, Participating TO, or any affiliate thereof. Interconnection Facilities – The Participating TO's Interconnection Facilities and the Interconnection Customer's Interconnection Facilities. Collectively, Interconnection Facilities include all facilities and equipment between the Small Generating Facility and the Point of Interconnection, including any modification, additions or upgrades that are necessary to physically and electrically interconnect the Small Generating Facility to the Participating TO's Transmission System. Interconnection Facilities are sole use facilities and shall not include Distribution Upgrades or Network Upgrades.