Cluster development definition

Cluster development means a residential development in which the building and accessory uses are clustered together with reduced lot sizes, into one or more groups. The land not included in the building lots shall be permanently preserved as open space.
Cluster development means a contiguous cluster or
Cluster development means a subdivision with lots clustered in a group of five or more lots that is designed to concentrate building sites on smaller lots in order to reduce capital and maintenance costs for infrastructure through the use of concentrated public services and utilities, while allowing other lands to remain undeveloped.

Examples of Cluster development in a sentence

  • Cluster development allows flexibility in the design and lay-out of development projects, providing opportunity for new construction while addressing other priorities, such as: protecting environmentally sensitive areas, preserving large contiguous areas of open space and agricultural land, supporting the continuation of existing agricultural and/or horticultural land uses, and developing attractive residential development consistent with community character.

  • Cluster development shall be configured to minimize impervious coverage.

  • Cluster development shall be designed to maintain the Highlands rural, scenic and historic character and shall consider and harmonize with existing community character with respect to architectural style, scale, massing and arrangement of buildings.

  • Cluster development shall be designed to avoid or minimize disturbance of natural resources and agricultural resources (including ARAs) of the Highlands Region in compliance with the provisions of this Ordinance.

  • Cluster development shall incorporate LID techniques, as set forth at§ 7.2.

More Definitions of Cluster development

Cluster development means a subdivision with lots clustered in a group of five or more lots that is
Cluster development means a subdivision plat or plats, approved pursuant to this article, in which the applicable zoning ordinance or local law is modified to provide an alternative permitted method for the layout, configuration and design of lots, buildings and structures, roads, utility lines and other infrastructure, parks, and landscaping in order to preserve the natural and scenic qualities of open lands.
Cluster development means a contiguous cluster or noncontiguous cluster that is not a planned development.
Cluster development means development from a land division in which dwellings and other buildings are grouped densely on only a portion of a development parcel, in contrast to conventional practice, which distributes development evenly across the entirety of a parcel, in order to accomplish any of the following:
Cluster development means a cluster housing scheme having a shared or common area for amenities;
Cluster development means a development design technique that concentrates buildings in specific areas on the property to allow the remaining property to be used for recreation, common open space, and preservation of environmentally sensitive features.
Cluster development means development in which a number of dwelling units are placed in closer proximity than usual, or are attached, with the purpose of retaining or enlarging an open space area.