Foreign Exchange Sample Clauses

Foreign Exchange. PFPC Trust and/or sub-custodians may enter into or arrange foreign exchange transactions (at such rates as they may consider appropriate) in order to facilitate transactions under this Agreement, and such entities and/or their affiliates may receive compensation in connection with such foreign exchange transactions.
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Foreign Exchange. (a) Upon the receipt of Proper Instructions, the Custodian, its agents or its sub-custodian may (but shall not be obligated to) enter into all types of contracts for foreign exchange on behalf of the Company, upon terms acceptable to the Custodian and the Company (in each case at the Company’s expense), including transactions entered into with the Custodian, its sub-custodian or any affiliates of the Custodian or the sub-custodian. The Custodian shall have no liability for any losses incurred in or resulting from the rates obtained in such foreign exchange transactions; and absent specific Proper Instructions, the Custodian shall not be deemed to have any duty to carry out any foreign exchange on behalf of the Company. The Custodian shall be entitled at all times to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements applicable to currency or foreign exchange transactions.
Foreign Exchange. TRANSACTIONS The Custodian shall, pursuant to proper instructions, enter into or cause a subcustodian to enter into foreign exchange contracts or options to purchase and sell foreign currencies for spot and future delivery on behalf and for the account of the Fund. Such transactions may be undertaken by the Custodian or subcustodian with such banking or financial institutions or other currency brokers, as set forth in proper instructions. Foreign exchange contracts and options shall be deemed to be portfolio securities of the Fund; and accordingly, the responsibility of the Custodian therefor shall be the same as and no greater than the Custodian's responsibility in respect of other portfolio securities of the Fund. The Custodian shall be responsible for the transmittal to and receipt of cash from the currency broker or banking or financial institution with which the contract or option is made, the maintenance of proper records with respect to the transaction and the maintenance of any segregated account required in connection with the transaction. The Custodian shall have no duty with respect to the selection of the currency brokers or banking or financial institutions with which the Fund deals or for their failure to comply with the terms of any contract or option. Without limiting the foregoing, it is agreed that upon receipt of proper instructions and insofar as funds are made available to the Custodian for the purpose, the Custodian may (if determined necessary by the Custodian to consummate a particular transaction on behalf and for the account of the Fund) make free outgoing payments of cash in the form of U.S. dollars or foreign currency before receiving confirmation of a foreign exchange contract or confirmation that the countervalue currency completing the foreign exchange contact has been delivered or received. The Custodian shall not be responsible for any costs and interest charges which may be incurred by the Fund or the Custodian as a result of the failure or delay of third parties to deliver foreign exchange; provided that the Custodian shall nevertheless be held to the standard of care set forth in, and shall be liable to the Fund in accordance with, the provisions of Section 8.
Foreign Exchange. Conversion of sales recorded in local currencies to Dollars shall be performed in a manner consistent with BMS’ normal practices used to prepare its audited financial statements for internal and external reporting purposes.
Foreign Exchange. PFPC Trust, its sub-custodians and the respective affiliates of such entities (together, “Affiliated Entities”) jointly or separately may act as principal and/or agent for foreign exchange (“FX”) transactions for the Fund, and any of the Affiliated Entities may arrange FX transactions for the Fund with third parties that act as principal or agent. Affiliated Entities and third parties may receive fees and other compensation in connection with FX transactions for the Fund, and PFPC Trust may receive from such entities a portion of their fees or other compensation. Unless PFPC Trust itself is the principal for a FX transaction, PFPC Trust will not be responsible and shall have no liability for the actions or omissions of any principal (including any other Affiliated Entity) to any FX transaction for the Fund nor any responsibility to monitor the commercial terms of any such FX transactions.
Foreign Exchange. 1. For any conversion required to be effected from one currency to another for the execution of any order, the Company is entitled at its absolute discretion to debit the Client’s Trading Account with the equivalent amount of the transaction in the currency in which the Client holds the Trading Account.
Foreign Exchange. Custodian makes available to Principal or Manager foreign exchange services directly with Custodian or through Custodian’s Domestic Sub-Custodian to convert currencies in conjunction with transactions in the Principal’s Account under direction provided in Appendix B, as amended from time to time. Principal acknowledges that Custodian is the counterparty with respect to foreign exchange transactions provided under the Standing Instructions Defined Spread Service (Defined Spread Service) with Custodian’s Domestic Sub-Custodian and are subject to Paragraph 9 of this Agreement.
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Foreign Exchange. The rate of exchange to be used in computing the amount of currency equivalent in Dollars of Net Sales invoiced in other currencies shall be the rate used by Aptose in its financial reporting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.
Foreign Exchange. Conversion of sales recorded in local currencies to U.S. dollars will be performed in a manner consistent with Enzon’s normal practices used to prepare its audited financial statements for external reporting purposes, provided that such practices use a widely accepted source of published exchange rates.
Foreign Exchange. 5.3.1. The Client agrees that it assumes the risks associated with holding or effecting transactions in Cash denominated in any currency including any events or laws that delay or adversely affect transferability, convertibility or availability of any currency, appropriation or seizure, any devaluation or redenomination of any currency or fluctuations or changes in foreign exchange rates.
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