Standard Operating Procedures Sample Clauses

Standard Operating Procedures. PTE may request that Subrecipient shall make internal and subcontractor Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) available for review electronically.
Standard Operating Procedures. Over approximately the past eight years, the Parties have been supplying select Products to one another for use in the operation of their respective businesses within the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. The Parties developed and been following certain standard operating procedures in connecting with, among other topics, forecasting, production planning, ordering, delivering and resolving claims on the Products supplied to one another (the “Current SOPs”). The Parties will be updating their respective business systems over the next six months, and the updates to these business systems will require the Parties to modify the Current SOPs. Once the Parties have completed the updates to the business systems and agreed on the necessary modifications to the Current SOPs, the Parties will sign a written amendment to this Agreement appending the updated standard operating procedures (the “Updated SOPs”). Until the Parties have signed a written amendment appending the Updated SOPs, the parties will continue to follow the Current SOPs. The Parties will comply with the applicable SOPs in connection with the purchase and sale of products identified in a Purchase Schedule. The Parties may add terms and conditions to, and amend the terms and conditions of, the SOP in a Purchase Schedule, but any additional and amended terms and conditions in a Purchase Schedule supplementing and modifying the SOP will only apply the specific products identified in that Purchase Schedule for its duration.
Standard Operating Procedures. All requests for OrbView Data hereunder will be in accordance with ORBIMAGE’s Standard Operating Procedures, to be provided to NTT DATA by ORBIMAGE prior to the launch of the first High-Resolution Satellite, as such procedures may be amended by ORBIMAGE from time to time (the “Standard Operating Procedures”).
Standard Operating Procedures or “SOPSshall mean the standard operating procedures in effect at ENZON which have been approved by ENZON Quality Assurance department and which are applicable to the Processing; provided that all Standard Operating Procedures applicable to the Processing or the Product shall also be approved by SAVIENT.
Standard Operating Procedures. The Standard Operating Procedures shall be formulated in compliance with all Applicable Laws. The Standard Operating Procedures shall be amended from time to time by the Firm and the Default Specialist, in accordance with changes in Applicable Law, or for the reasonable accommodation of reasonable requests of Clients, Investors or Agencies, so long as any such amendments shall not materially increase the duties or responsibilities of the Default Specialist hereunder.
Standard Operating Procedures. A set of standard operating procedures (SOP) has been developed to lay down (a) how forest companies control their supply chains and (b) how these company activities are verified with the help of the COCS:
Standard Operating Procedures. Upon Ironwood’s request, Cyclerion will provide Ironwood with its standard operating procedures and policies relevant to the performance of Services.
Standard Operating Procedures a) NB represents and warrants that all Services performed by or on behalf of NB will be conducted in compliance with all Applicable Laws, including but not limited to the FD&C Act and the regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, the International Conference on Harmonization E6 Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice and the European Union Directive 2001/20/EC of 4 April 2001, and with the standard of care customary in the contract research organization industry.(b) NB’s standard operating procedures will be used in performance of the Services, unless otherwise specifically stated in the Work Statement and NB will provide Radius with such standard operating procedures upon request as well as any changes NB proposes to make to such standard operating procedures.2.8A Translation of Study Documentation. NB will arrange for translation of the informed consent form, the Protocol and any other documentation necessary for performance of a study that becomes the subject of a Work Statement from English into the local language of each country where the applicable study is performed and shall have such translations certified for translation accuracy by the vendor providing such translation services. NB shall provide Radius with copies of such translations and such certifications. NB shall also provide Radius with an* Confidential Treatment Requested by the Registrant. Redacted Portion Filed Separately with the Commission. English translation of any written communications received by Regulatory Authorities only in a language other than English.