Definition of Taxes and Duties

Taxes and Duties means all taxes, duties, fees etc. payable as per applicable laws in India in connection with the development, operation and management of the Project.
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Examples of Taxes and Duties in a sentence

The work contract tax and other Taxes and Duties, Levies, service tax etc shall payable by the bidders in respect of contract shall be paid by him AGREE 19.
Taxes and Duties The Supplier, whether local or foreign, shall be entirely responsible for all the necessary taxes, stamp duties, license fees, and other such levies imposed for the completion of this Contract.
The AML Law authorizes the following government bodies to monitor financial transactions for the purpose of preventing money laundering: the State Control Committee (Department of Financial Monitoring, or DFM); the Securities Committee; the Ministry of Finance; the Ministry of Justice; the Ministry of Communications and Information; the Ministry of Sports and Tourism; the Committee on Land Resources; the Ministry on Taxes and Duties (MTD); and other state bodies.
It shall be noted, however, that because the Purchaser is exempted from direct taxes and duty as set forth in Clause 26 (Taxes and Duties), there is no duty to be paid by the Contractor.
Taxes and Duties outside Korea: BUYER shall bear and pay all taxes and duties levied or imposed upon BUYER outside Korea in connection with execution and/or performance of this CONTRACT except for any taxes and duties imposed upon those items or services to be procured by BUILDER for construction of the DRILLSHIP.