The Collaboration Sample Clauses

The Collaboration. Lilly and Isis hereby agree to undertake the Collaboration during the Collaboration Term under the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. The Collaboration shall consist of the Reagent Provision Program, the Target Validation Program and the Antisense Drug Discovery Program.
The Collaboration. 2.1 This Agreement is made pursuant to the powers contained in the 1972 Act, Section 25 of the 1994 Act and section 20 of the 2000 Act as being conducive to the discharge of the functions of the Authorities as local highway authorities for the purposes of the 1980 Act
The Collaboration. Simultaneous with this Settlement Agreement, the Company and Ormco are entering into the Joint Development, Marketing and Sales Agreement (the “Collaboration Agreement”), under which Ormco and Company would jointly develop and market an orthodontic product offering that will involve the combination of removable aligners and orthodontic brackets with arch wires (the “Collaboration”).
The Collaboration. 2.1 The Research Program shall be conducted by Ontogeny in accordance with the provisions of the Research Workplan. Ontogeny shall work exclusively with BD in the Field during the term of the Agreement with the exception of third party contractors. In conducting the Research Program, Ontogeny shall have and maintain sufficient flexibility to shift effort and emphasis within the overall scope of the Research Workplan in a manner that will best result in the development of Product, providing that any substantial shift in effort or emphasis is agreed to by the Working Committee or the JRC.
The Collaboration. 3.1. The Feasibility ProgramStage 1 3.1.1. Protalix shall carry out a feasibility program in respect of each of the Proteins in accordance with the protocol and time schedule as agreed between the Parties to be attached hereto within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date as Annex 3.1.1 (the “Feasibility Program”). An outline of the activities to be performed by Protalix under the Feasibility Program, as currently envisaged, is attached hereto as Annex 3.1.1A. The Feasibility Program will mainly consist of producing [***]. One (1) Protein shall be agreed upon between the Parties, within thirty (30) days of the [***] Omitted pursuant to a confidential treatment request. The confidential portion has been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Effective Date, and shall be described in Annex 1.2.44 (the “First Protein”) and the other Protein (the “Second Protein”) shall be selected by Teva by [***] following the execution hereof, and agreed upon by Protalix, such agreement not to be unreasonably withheld.
The Collaboration. 5.1. The Collaboration will commence on [*****] ("Collaboration Start Date") and be completed within the term of this Agreement.
The Collaboration. 3.1 The collaborating Institutes will be referred to as ‘Collaboration’ hereinafter.
The Collaboration. 2.1 The Parties hereby establish the Collaboration and agree to collaborate in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Licence, the Distribution Agreement and the Managed Services Agreement to promote, market, sell, and distribute the Products in the Territory.
The Collaboration. We will provide, at our expense, the registration system, teleconferencing system, and website webinar system for the class(es) you wish to teach. You will serve as an instructor for one or more live and recorded on-demand webinar classes. You will prepare, at your expense, a class syllabus and a PowerPoint slide presentation. You may also provide, optionally, additional class materials. The slides, syllabus, and any additional materials provided by you can be downloaded by class enrollees from a password-protected web site.