New Facilities definition

New Facilities means facilities for which, by the cut-off date, neither of the following events has occurred:
New Facilities shall have the meaning set forth in Exhibit A to this Agreement.
New Facilities means the personal property assets constituting the facilities to be constructed and/or modified and placed in service by Company as contemplated in Part I of Exhibit A-1 to the Agreement.

Examples of New Facilities in a sentence

  • New Facilities applying for coverage for the first time: The Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan shall be developed and implemented prior to the beginning of discharges from the operation of the industrial activity and be updated thereafter on an annual basis.

  • Therefore, the best available control technology (BACT) requirement in 326 IAC 8-1-6 (New Facilities: General Reduction Requirements) does not apply.

  • New Facilities and Major Renovations: Familiarization training shall be provided for new equipment or systems.

  • The provisions set forth in this Appendix shall govern the interconnection of New Facilities to the CAISO Controlled Grid, including the costs of such interconnection.

  • In all cases, however, the Requesting Party shall obtain sufficient area to allow safe construction, operation and maintenance of the New Facilities, in conformity with applicable land use and environmental laws, rules and regulations, including, without limitation, bulk, setback and other intensity requirements of applicable zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and wetlands setback requirements.

More Definitions of New Facilities

New Facilities means those facilities constructed at Shipper’s request in order for Transporter to provide the transportation service(s) that a Shipper requests via the LINK® System.
New Facilities means new facilities, if any, whether immovable or movable, including vehicles, equipment, supplies and other property, constructed or purchased by the Operator during the Agreement Period for the provision by the Operator of Services in the Service Area;
New Facilities means the personal property assets constituting new or modified facilities to be constructed and placed in service by Company as contemplated this by this Agreement.
New Facilities means facilities necessary for the Project that are expected to be financed by the Authority and designed, built, owned, operated and maintained by CCWD or EBMUD through Design & Construction Agreements and O & M Agreements between the Authority and CCWD and EBMUD, as applicable, or through one or more Sub-Project Agreements among those Members benefitting from specific New Facility(ies), which agreements shall set forth the Authority’s rights and obligations with respect to any particular New Facility. The Authority, including CCWD and EBMUD in their capacity as Members, is expected to be solely responsible for all costs and liabilities related to the New Facilities. The New Facilities are identified on Exhibit B hereto, as it may be subsequently amended to reflect changes to the Project in accordance with Section 8.2, below. A New Facility may also be referred to as a “specific componentof the Project for purposes of describing specific New Facilities to be included in particular financings the Authority will undertake.
New Facilities means the Economic Zone designed and built by the Developer “New Operations Period” is as defined in GC Section 2.2(b);