Family support services definition

Family support services means providing opportunities for parents to:
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Family support services means providing
Family support services means services and supports that are provided to a child with developmental disabilities or his or her family and that contribute to the ability of the family to reside together.

Examples of Family support services in a sentence

Family support services should be sensitive to the unique needs, strengths, and values of the individuals and the family and should be responsive to the needs of the entire family.

Family support services should be provided in a manner that develop comprehensive, responsive, and flexible support to individuals and families as their needs evolve over time.

Family support services should be coordinated across the numerous agencies likely to provide resources and services to individuals and families and should be provided equitably across the State.

Family support services are sometimes necessary for proper parenting.

Family support services may be a service option offered to families, but not imposed on them.

More Definitions of Family support services

Family support services means providing opportunities for
Family support services means a family support services program described in and administered pursuant to section 5126.11 of the Revised Code.
Family support services means community-based services to promote the safety and well-being of children and families, which are designed to increase the strength and stability of families (including adoptive, foster, and extended families), to increase parents' confidence and competence in their parenting abilities, to afford children a safe, stable and supportive family environment, and otherwise to enhance child development.
Family support services means individualized planning and coordination of available supports and services provided to children and their families. Services, supports, and other assistance are built on the principles of family support and child and family-centered planning.
Family support services means a family-centered support service authorized for a client based on the primary caregiver's need for support in meeting the health, developmental, and safety needs of the client in order for the client to remain in an appropriate home environment.
Family support services means the services provided under a family support services program operated under section 5126.11 of the Revised Code.
Family support services. ’ means services, supports, and other assistance, provided to families with a member or members who have developmental disabilities, that are designed to: Strengthen the family’s role as primary caregiver; prevent inappropriate out-of- the-home placement of the members and maintain family unity; and reunite, whenever possible, families with members who have been placed out of the home. This term includes respite care, provision of rehabilitation technology and assistive technology, personal assistance services, parent training and counseling, support for families headed by aging caregivers,