Health screening definition

Health screening means the use of one or more diagnostic tools to test a person for the presence or precursors of a particular disease.
Health screening means the testing of people, using one or more diagnostic tools, to determine the presence or precursors of a particular disease.
Health screening means a vision screen, dental screen, or refugee health screen.

Examples of Health screening in a sentence

  • Health Screening Resident will complete a health inventory to be evaluated by Employee Health.

  • Effective upon ratification of this agreement by all parties, members of the bargaining unit shall be allowed to participate in the Xxxxxxxxxx County Wellness Program and shall be eligible for the $100 per year payment for participation in the Physician Health Screening and Health Assessment program and $500 per year wellness reimbursement.

  • Health Screening: CONTRACTOR certifies that all personnel providing services pursuant to this Agreement are adequately screened so as to prevent the assignment of personnel who may pose a threat to the safety and welfare of DISTRICT students or staff, including, but not limited to tuberculosis testing and screening.

  • The cost of the Medical Health Screening shall be at the expense of the Contractor.

  • Individual Work Orders may have a Medical Health Screening requirement for staff providing services.

More Definitions of Health screening

Health screening means a procedure using medical radiological installations for early diagnosis in population groups at risk;
Health screening means an evaluation of an employee or contractual employee, including
Health screening means an examination to identify observable evidence of illness, injury, or communicable disease; to review and update each person’s health history; and to identify current medical treatment (including medication), allergies or dietetic restrictions.
Health screening. The employer recognises their responsibility to provide appropriate health screening for at risk staff and to develop and implement policies and protocols for the management of occupational health issues relevant to all staff including communicable diseases.
Health screening means the initial gathering and assessing of information concerning the individuals’ medical history and current physical health status (including physical examination and determination of substance use) for purposes of informing an assessment and determination of its potential impact on an individual’s mental health diagnosis and treatment, and the need for additional health services or referral.
Health screening means an event organized for the Eligible Persons of the employer for the purpose of obtaining biometric data (for example, cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, etc.) from Participants.
Health screening means an Health screening. – An appropriate screening suitable for the symptoms presented and within the capability of the entity, including ancillary services routinely available to the entity, to determine whether or not an emergency medical condition exists. An emergency medical condition exists if an individual has acute symptoms of sufficient severity, including severe pain, such that the absence of immediate medical attention could reasonably be expected to result in placing the individual's health in serious jeopardy, serious impairment to bodily functions, or serious dysfunction of any bodily organ or part.