Performance evaluation definition

Performance evaluation means evaluation of work and program participation as well as other areas of behavior.
Performance evaluation means an assessment and analysis of data to establish or verify the scientific validity, the analytical and, where applicable, the clinical performance of a device;
Performance evaluation means a formal assessment or appraisal by a supervisor of an employee’s job performance.

Examples of Performance evaluation in a sentence

  • JOB PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Each member will be evaluated annually on their job performance.

More Definitions of Performance evaluation

Performance evaluation means the overall rating of an employee, made in accordance with the performance evaluation system established by these Rules.
Performance evaluation means an examination of the effectiveness of the administration, its sufficiency and its adequacy in terms of the programs of the agency authorized by law to be performed. Such examinations shall include, but not be limited to:
Performance evaluation means the assessment and analysis of data to establish or verify the
Performance evaluation means an evaluation conducted to determine if a manager is eligible to apply for a facility or to be awarded a permanent BEP license.
Performance evaluation means a systematic, docu- mented and objective review, conducted by or on behalf of the owner or operator of a facility, of the environmental performance of the facility, including an evaluation of compliance with the cooperative agreement covering the facility, approvals that are not replaced by the cooperative agreement and the provisions of chs.280 to 295 and rules promulgated under those chapters for which a variance is not granted under sub. (4).
Performance evaluation means the conduct of relative accuracy testing, calibration error testing, and other measurements used in validating the continuous monitoring system data.
Performance evaluation means the process of evaluating the