Direct Costs Sample Clauses

Direct Costs. The Managing General Partner and its Affiliates shall be reimbursed for all Direct Costs. Direct Costs, however, shall be billed directly to and paid by the Partnership to the extent practicable.
Direct Costs. B.12.3.1 Applicants to any Agreement will be expected to pay an application fee determined by the Governing Group to cover the cost of providing the services needed to facilitate the assessment of the application. Application fees shall be held by the provider of secretariat services for purposes deemed appropriate by the Governing Group.
Direct Costs. Reimbursement of Operator shall include, but shall not be limited to, the right to reimbursement for the following Direct Costs:
Direct Costs. Tenant shall pay an additional sum for each calendar year during the Term equal to the product of the percentage set forth in Article 1.D. of the Basic Lease Provisions multiplied by the amount of "Direct Costs." In the event this Lease shall terminate on any date other than the last day of a calendar year, the additional sum payable hereunder by Tenant during the calendar year in which this Lease terminates shall be prorated on the basis of the relationship which the number of days which have elapsed from the commencement of said calendar year to and including said date on which this Lease terminates bears to three hundred sixty five (365). Any and all amounts due and payable by Tenant pursuant to this Lease (other than Basic Rental) shall be deemed "Additional Rent" and Landlord shall be entitled to exercise the same rights and remedies upon default in these payments as Landlord is entitled to exercise with respect to defaults in monthly Basic Rental payments.
Direct Costs. There are three categories of direct costs:
Direct Costs. Costs incurred by the Utility Contractor that are solely and directly attributable to the Services shall be directly billed to ATCLLC in full. These directly billed costs shall be recorded as incurred by Utility Contractor to internal bookkeeping accounts designated as transmission billing accounts. The direct cost for materials and supplies shall be their book value.
Direct Costs. Materials (list individual items, the been so suspended, delayed, or interrupted by any other quantity and unit cost of each, and the aggregate cost); Transportation and delivery costs associated with materials; Labor breakdowns by hours or unit cause, including the fault or negligence of the Contractor or for which any equitable adjustment is provided for or excluded under any other provision of this contract. costs (identified with specific work to be performed); (c) A claim under this clause shall not be allowed (1) for any Construction equipment exclusively necessary for the costs incurred more than 20 days before the Contractor change; Costs of preparation and/ or revision to shop shall have notified the Contracting Officer in writing of drawings resulting from the change; Worker’s the act or failure to act involved (but this requirement Compensation and Public Liability Insurance; shall not apply as to a claim resulting from a suspension Employment taxes under FICA and FUTA; and, Xxxx order); and, (2) unless the claim, in an amount stated, is Costs when size of change warrants revision. asserted in writing as soon as practicable after the