By Operator Sample Clauses

By Operator. The Operator may terminate this Agreement at any time by service of written notice to such effect on North America two (2) calendar quarters in advance of the effective date thereof and by complying with the applicable terms and conditions of this Paragraph XIV. During such period after notice but prior to actual termination, Operator shall not bid or accept any additional jobs without the written consent of North America.
By Operator. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 3 with respect to the depth to be drilled, Operator shall have the right to direct the stoppage of the work to be performed by Contractor hereunder at any time prior to reaching the specified depth, and even though Contractor has made no default hereunder. In such event, Operator shall reimburse Contractor as set forth in Subparagraph 6.4 hereof.
By Operator. Operator represents and warrants to Sprint that:
By Operator. Operator will indemnify and hold harmless Owner and its officers, agents and employees from and against all liability and expense for claims, actions, litigation and similar proceedings brought against Owner in connection with the operation of County Imports by Operator; provided, however, that Operator shall not be liable for any injury, damage and/or loss occasioned by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Owner or its officers, agents or employees or former officers, agents or employees.
By Operator. To the extent that Owner shall not be fully covered by insurance and to the maximum extent permitted by law, Operator will indemnify, hold harmless and protect Owner, its partners and Affiliates, and their respective partners, members, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, managers, contractors and agents, including but not limited to Exxx Corporation, Portsmouth Square, Inc., and Chelsea Development Company (all of the persons indemnified under this Section 22.1 are referred to collectively as the “Owner Indemnified Parties”) from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses including attorneys fees, court costs and litigation expenses (collectively, “Liabilities”) caused by, arising out of, or incurred in connection with (a) acts or omissions of (i) Operator, and (ii) agents or any other person for which Operator is legally responsible, constituting willful misconduct, violation of any Legal Requirements or breach of this Agreement, or (b) gross negligence of any corporate office personnel of Operator.
By Operator. Operator shall have the sole and absolute right to pledge or assign its interest in the wxxxx, production, equipment or leasehold interests covered hereby and to delegate its duties hereunder to another operator, without notice to Developer.
By Operator. In the event that Operator wishes to remove, relocate, resize, and/or reconfigure any Station, other than those Stations whose locations are fixed pursuant to the terms of a grant or sponsorship agreement, due to under- utilization or lack of profitability, it must notify MTC in writing, providing sufficient detail and description of the proposed relocation site and reasons therefore, prior to removal. Assuming that MTC does not disapprove the request within ten business days, Operator may remove, relocate, resize, and/or reconfigure the Station consistent with Operator’s notice of same to MTC and subject to local review and permitting requirements.
By Operator. In consideration of Operator’s Revenue Share, Operator hereby grants to Customer a worldwide, irrevocable, exclusive, royalty-free license to use the Touchpoint Software and Touchpoint Solution in furtherance of Customers business activities as related to the use, operation, management, and exploitation of the Customer App. All other rights are excluded from this Agreement and are retained by Operator.
By Operator. At its expense, OPERATOR shall furnish the equipment, machinery, tools, supplies, materials and services listed in Exhibit "D".
By Operator. Operator makes the following warranties, representations and covenants to Owner, which warranties, representations and covenants shall, unless otherwise stated herein, survive the Effective Date of this Agreement and continue to be true during the Term: