Septic System Sample Clauses

Septic System. Seller will repair a non-functioning septic system if Seller or Seller’s subcontractor caused failure. Seller will not be responsible for problems to the system as a result of Buyer’s negligence including, but not limited to, changes to original plumbing system, changes to grades or conditions of surrounding soils, landscaping, sprinkler system, or outbuildings. Buyer accepts responsibility for use and maintenance of said septic system.
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Septic System. 1. VERY IMPORTANT: The septic system may only be used for human waste, toilet paper, and typical wash water. Women’s feminine products, diapers, food and other trash must be disposed of in the garbage. If you have any questions about personal waste disposal and sewer blockage please enquire with management.
Septic System. This contract is subject to the buyer’s satisfaction with a review of a septic system inspection, performed by an inspector of the buyer’s choice, before .m. on , 20 (Condition Day). The seller will cooperate by providing access to the Property on reasonable terms.
Septic System. The septic tank is 1,500 gallons and is pumped out into the existing drain field. The Operator will be responsible for maintenance and repairs of the septic system and drain field.
Septic System. Municipal public sewer service is not available in the subdivision at this time. The subdivision will be served by individual on-site wastewater disposal systems as approved by DEQ. These systems shall be located and installed as shown on the site layout approved by DEQ. Installation and maintenance of said systems shall be the responsibility of the lot purchaser.
Septic System. Only human waste and toilet paper are allowed in the sewer system • In order for the Park sewer system to operate properly the waste water tanks in the RV Unit shall only be discharged into the Sites’ sewer system when they are full • All sewage hoses must be attached to a 90 degree adaptor and not dropped into the discharge pipe
Septic System. It is mutually agreed and understood that a typical septic system for one of Landlord's buildings includes a soil line from the bathrooms to the septic tank, and an interconnect pipe(s) from the septic tank to either a distribution box or directly to one or more cesspools. It is agreed that the demised premises includes a set of bathrooms, currently in good working order, which are for the exclusive use of the Tenant and that any and all expenses relating to repairs for stopped-up toilets, backed-up sinks, and/or clogged drains and soil lines shall be borne solely by Tenant unless such repairs are attributable to the malfunctioning of the septic system due to structural constraints such as an age related reduction in usable capacity. Structural repairs to the soil line, interconnect pipe(s) distribution box, septic tank, or cesspool shall be the sole responsibility of the Landlord provided that such repairs were not caused by the misuse of the facilities by Tenant. It is understood that all materials removed from commercial building cesspools by carters are tested for toxic chemicals by Suffolk County Department of Health. Tenant shall be required, on demand, to provide Landlord, within a reasonable period of time, a list of chemicals, if any, by quantity and composition, used or stored in Tenant's operation which are listed under Section 313 of the Superfund Amendments and Preauthorization Act (XXXX).
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Septic System. COVERED NOT COVERED Mainline stoppages that can be cleared through an existing access or cleanout without excavation. The septic tank will be pumped one (1) time during the Agreement coverage term if the stoppage is due to septic back up. Broken or collapsed sewer lines outside the foundation, stoppages or roots that prevent the effective use of any externally applied sewer machine cable, cost of finding or gaining access to the septic tank or sewer hook-ups, disposal of waste, chemical treatment of the septic tank and/or sewer lines, tanks, xxxxx lines, cesspool, and any mechanical pump or systems. A maximum covered amount of $500 is allowed per occurrence. If the septic tank needs to be replaced, we will not pay more than $1,000 towards the replacement of the septic tank. We will cover one (1) sewage ejector pump for septic system located within the perimeter of the main foundation
Septic System. VILLAGE acknowledges and agrees that the current septic system may remain to provide sanitary waste disposal for the current and contemplated Special Use. OWNER agrees that they will not expand or increase the capacity of the current system, and that OWNER will cease use of and properly abandon any septic system that may exist on the property, and connect to the VILLAGE sanitary sewer system if the use or intensity of use of the property changes in the future. OWNER acknowledges and agrees that any connection to the VILLAGE sanitary sewer system necessary for current or future use is subject to all regulations and fees of the VILLAGE in effect at such time.
Septic System. This Cottage uses a septic system. To avoid costly damages, please flush toilet paper only. For any other type of garbage (cotton balls, hair, q-tips, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, etc) a waste basket is provided in all washrooms. If any items are found to have clogged the septic system, you may forfeit your damage deposit and incur any further costs associated with the repair. Please do not throw any food, coffee grains, grease or waste down the sinks. We have provided tin containers (above the countertop oven) to dispose of grease in. Please use the garbage bins to dispose of all waste materials.
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