Epidemic Failure Sample Clauses

Epidemic Failure. In the event that CONTRACTUAL PRODUCTS under warranty have the same or similar functional defect during a time period of three (3) months and the number of defected CONTRACTUAL PRODUCTS exceed [***] of the quantity delivered within this time period, this [***] = CERTAIN INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE HAS BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION. CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT HAS BEEN REQUESTED WITH RESPECT TO THE OMITTED PORTIONS. shall be an “Epidemic Failure” as mentioned in the following. The term “Epidemic Failure” shall exclusively apply to delivered CONTRACTUAL PRODUCTS with a number of pieces of more than ten thousand (>10.000) during three (3) months. If either CONTRACTUAL PARTY learns of the existence or likely existence of an Epidemic Failure, then such CONTRACTUAL PARTY will inform the other CONTRACTUAL PARTY as soon as possible. The CONTRACTUAL PARTIES shall then work together to jointly devise a containment action plan. As soon thereafter as reasonably possible, the CONTRACTUAL PARTIES will develop a corrective action plan to remedy the Epidemic Failure. Phoenix Contact shall use its best efforts to implement such remedy as quickly as possible at Phoenix Contact’s own expense, which efforts shall include receiving all shipments of affected Product back (freight collect), repairing or replacing all such affected Products in accordance with the agreed remedy devised by the Parties, shipping the repaired or replaced Products back to ENPHASE at Phoenix Contact’s expense, and implementing the agreed remedy in all newly manufactured Products. Phoenix Contact shall be responsible for the reasonable following costs and expenses actually incurred and substantiated as a result of all aspects of implementing the agreed remedy on the affected Products: reasonable costs of the retrieval, packing, shipping and transportation of such Products, and the re-deployment of repaired or replacement Products (including all labor, consulting, contractor and the like charges, incurred by ENPHASE, only if Phoenix Contact has agreed in writing that ENPHASE is allowed to do the aforementioned activities). For the avoidance of doubt all damages defined in Article 11.4 shall be direct damages and shall be subject to Article 14.2.
Epidemic Failure. During the term of this Agreement, Flextronics shall repair or replace any affected Products for any Epidemic Failure due to any workmanship related cause that could have been identified at the time of manufacture through the Customer specified inspection and test procedures. An Epidemic Failure will be considered to exist when return rate data indicates that *** percent (***%) of Product shipped during any *** consecutive months has been proven to exhibit the substantially same major functional, mechanical, or appearance defect. Flextronics and Customer will agree to a reasonable plan and allocation of costs to carry out the repair or replacement of affected Product shipped during said *** period. Upon agreement, Flextronics will pay any claims for *** if the problem is a result of a breach by Flextronics of its express limited warranty set forth in Section 6.2.
Epidemic Failure. In the case of an Epidemic Failure, Netronome shall, within ten (10) business days, propose an action plan to fix the failure of any affected Netronome Product(s) and to implement this action plan immediately upon OEM’s acceptance thereof. If the action plan is not acceptable to OEM, OEM can require Netronome to repair or replace, at Netronome’s option, the affected Netronome Product(s). The repair or replacement shall be done at mutually agreed-upon location(s); provided, however, that costs of repair or replacement together with the reasonable shipping, transportation and other costs of gathering and redistributing the Netronome Products shall be borne by Netronome. In addition to bearing the costs associated therewith, if requested by OEM, Netronome shall support and provide at Netronome’s expense a sufficient number of Netronome Products to permit the field exchange or “hot swap” of Netronome Product(s) at customer sites. The Parties agree to make all reasonable efforts to complete the repair and replacement of all of the affected Netronome Product(s) within thirty (30) business days after written notice of Epidemic Failure by either Party. Netronome also agrees that OEM will be supported with accelerated shipments of replacement Netronome Product(s) to cover OEM’s supply requirements. OEM to make all reasonable efforts to return any replaced Netronome Products as soon as reasonably practicable.
Epidemic Failure. An Epidemic Failure shall be deemed to have been attained when more than ** percent (**%) of a particular Product supplied under this Agreement over any consecutive ** day period is found to contain a defect attributable to the same root cause; provided, however, that, notwithstanding the foregoing, an Epidemic Failure shall not be deemed to have occurred unless at least 50 Products have been affected. If CUSTOMER experiences an Epidemic Failure, CUSTOMER will promptly inform SANMINA-SCI of the nature of such Epidemic Failure and provide as much detail regarding the Epidemic Failure as is known. The Parties shall meet to discuss the Epidemic Failure as soon as possible. If the Epidemic Failure results from a defect for which SANMINA-SCI is responsible under Section 7.1 (Warranty), then, SANMINA-SCI shall extend the warranty period set forth in Section 7.1 by one additional year (including payment of shipping expenses of the affected Products from and to CUSTOMER) for those Products affected by the Epidemic Failure. In the event that the Epidemic Failure results from any other reason (including the failure of any Material purchased from a Vendor), then, SANMINA-SCI shall (i) comply with the requirements of Section 7.6 and (ii) provided that CUSTOMER agrees to reimburse SANMINA-SCI for its reasonable costs in doing so, use its Best Efforts to remedy the Epidemic Failure, including repairing or replacing the Products.
Epidemic Failure. In the event that 5% or more of the shipments received by Tellabs during any 30 day period are defective, an Epidemic Failure situation will be deemed to exist. In such case, at Tellabs' option, Riverstone will be obligated to replace 100% of that shipment and will bear all costs associated with the field replacement of such units.
Epidemic Failure. In the event that [*] percent ([*]%) or more of any lot, batch or other separately distinguishable manufacturing run of Products which was verified by Manufacturer delivered to Customer is found to be defective with the same root cause defects within [*] ([*]) months following Manufacturer’s delivery of such Products to Customer, Manufacturer will promptly: (a) dedicate sufficient resources to thoroughly investigate the cause of the defect; (b) perform root cause analysis; and (c) implement corrective action. In addition, after Manufacturer’s verification, Manufacturer will render repair and replacement services, as reasonably requested by Customer, during the applicable Product warranty period. In addition to repair or replacement of Products, Manufacturer will credit Customer an amount equal to [*] percent ([*]%) of the price paid by Customer as compensation for removal and reinstallation associated with the repair or replacement of such Products.
Epidemic Failure. In the case where any specific Product, shipped to IBM from MSL within any [*] experiences a defect rate of [*] or greater, resulting from a common cause due to MSL's non-conformance to specifications, drawings, other descriptions furnished or adopted by IBM, or due to workmanship, MSL will accept the cost of a Product Recall.
Epidemic Failure. In addition to the foregoing warranty, Supplier warrants the Product against epidemic failure. An epidemic failure shall mean a Product field failure exhibiting the same root cause symptom and resulting in a two (2) percent or greater failure of Netpliance Customer delivered Product during a ninety-(90) day period. In the event of epidemic failure, Supplier shall establish within two (2) days notice by Netpliance of such failure a mutually agreed upon emergency procedure to resolve and replace all defective Products. Any and all costs associated with the emergency procedure are to be borne by Supplier. Supplier also agrees to inform Netpliance in writing of any other epidemic failure occurring in products sold to Supplier's other OEM customers and Supplier shall take whatever steps are reasonably necessary to prevent or correct Netpliance Products from such failure.
Epidemic Failure. The term “Epidemic Failure” means Product deficiencies resulting from defects in material, workmanship and/or manufacturing process that are in excess of one percent (1%) of the total number of Products shipped during any rolling six (6) month period.
Epidemic Failure. Notwithstanding the above, should failures of the Product be the result of an Epidemic Failure, ,the parties shall mutually agree whether Flextronics shall either repair or replace Products subject to such Epidemic Failure. In addition, Flextronics shall credit Nutanix for reasonable direct costs that are incurred by Nutanix as a result of an Epidemic Failure. Such remedies for Epidemic Failure shall be in addition to any other remedies Nutanix may have under this MOU. An “Epidemic Failure” is defined as failure of more than [***] of the Products that occur [***] and where there is a single root cause of the failure which is a result of a breach of Flextronics’s warranty under Section 1.1 of this Exhibit A.