This Action definition

This Action means the above-captioned action pending in this Court, including any pretrial, trial, post-trial, or appellate proceedings.
This Action means the In re: Rentrak Action and the Hulme v. Livek Action.
This Action means the above-captioned action pending in this Court, including any pretrial, discovery, post-trial, or appellate proceedings.

Examples of This Action in a sentence

  • When a requested action item is a day-to-day operational item or unanimously passed through committee it may be moved forward to the board on the Consent Index.☐ Move forward as Consent: This Action item is a day-to-day operational item, unanimously passed through committee or qualifies to be moved forward on the Consent Index.

  • This Action is complete and will be removed from the LCAP for 2017.

  • EMJMDs shall contribute to raising the attractiveness of the EHEA worldwide and demonstrating the excellence and high level of integration of the joint study programmes delivered by European HEIs. This Action also supports EU external actions, objectives and priorities in the higher education field in their various aspects.

  • This Action Plan is a result of public outreach, public hearings, input from agencies, groups, county agencies, and cities to assess the needs of low to moderate income clients and residents.

  • This Action Plan defines as a priority to strengthen the Union’s engagement to actively promote the global implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and other relevant international guidelines such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, including by advancing relevant due diligence standards.

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This Action means the civil action captioned above and pending in this Court;
This Action means the above-captioned civil action pending in this Court, including any related discovery, pretrial, trial, post-trial, or appellate proceedings. Types of Material That May Be Designated Confidential and Methods of Designation Any Discovery Material may be designated by the Plaintiffs as “Confidential” under this Protective Order. Such designation shall constitute a representation to the Court and Counsel for Defendants that Plaintiffs believe in good faith that the material so designated constitutes Confidential Information as defined in this Protective Order. Such Discovery Material may be designated Confidential Information by (i) providing copies of the Discovery Material that are stamped “CONFIDENTIAL” or (ii) furnishing a separate written notice to Defendants or their Counsel at the time of their production identifying the documents or materials as Confidential Information or (iii) communicating the confidential nature of the Discovery Material to the Defendants in any other fashion. Inadvertent production of or failure to designate any information as Confidential Information shall not be deemed a waiver of the Plaintiffs’ claim of confidentiality as to such information, and the Plaintiffs may thereafter designate such information as Confidential Information, as appropriate. Permissible Uses of Discovery Material Defendants and all component persons identified below who obtain access to Confidential Information produced in connection with this action shall use only such Confidential Information for purposes of this action, including any appeal of the Court’s ruling, and any ancillary proceedings relating to the same Parties and subject matter, and shall not use such Confidential Information for any other purpose, including the furtherance of that person’s business interests or in any unrelated administrative or judicial proceeding. Defendants shall inform promptly the Plaintiffs if disclosure pursuant to this section is made. Except as otherwise authorized by this Protective Order, Confidential Information may be disclosed, according to the terms of this Protective Order, only to the following persons:
This Action and/or “this proceeding” means the above-captioned proceedings pending in this Court, including any appellate proceedings.
This Action means the above-captioned civil action pending in this Court, it being understood and agreed by the parties that this Protective Order applies to and is limited to those proceedings necessary for the Court to determine whether it has jurisdiction over Smithfield, including any appellate proceedings. It is further understood and agreed by the parties that the entry of this proposed Protective Order by the Court will not in any way establish the Court’s jurisdiction over Smithfield and is without prejudice to Smithfield’s Motion to Dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.
This Action means the present petition pending in this Court; this order does not purport to limit any confidentiality provision that may be entered in any subsequent proceeding against any party;
This Action means Epic Games, Inc. v. Apple Inc., No. 4:20-CV-05640- YGR-TSH (N.D. Cal.) and any related actions, INCLUDING In re Apple iPhone Antitrust Litigation, No. 4:11-cv-06714-YGR-TSH (N.D. Cal.) and Cameron v. Apple Inc., No. 419-cv- 03074-YGR-TSH (N.D. Cal.).
This Action means the matter of