OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION. STRATEC Development Agreement Signature version committee which shall consist of six members, three to be appointed by STRATEC and three to be appointed by QUOTIENT. The Steering Committee shall supervise the performance by the Parties of their obligations in respect of the program, as set out in this Agreement. Each Party to this Agreement may substitute its appointed members by providing written notice of the same to the other Party. The Steering Committee can, if necessary and upon mutual consent, have employees and/or consultants of either Party attend its meetings to be consulted on certain issues.
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OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION. STRATEC Development Agreement Signature version patent claims not considered patentable outside the U.S.), by the European Patent Office, or the German Patent Office, (ii) copyright, or (iii) trade secret of any third party, all published or validly in existence as of the Effective Date, as a direct result of any claim of infringement of any such patent, copyright or misappropriation of any trade secret related to STRATEC deliverables under this Agreement. The foregoing indemnification obligations shall not apply to the extent that any Losses are the result of QUOTIENT’S breach, gross negligence, recklessness or willful and wanton conduct. STRATEC’s indemnity obligation under this Section shall not extend to claims based on: (i) an unauthorized modification of the Instrument or its included software made by QUOTIENT where the software or Instrument without such modification would not be infringing, (ii) QUOTIENT’S agreed upon technical contribution during the course of development under this Agreement (“Technical Contribution”) where the Instrument or software without such QUOTIENT’S Technical Contribution would not be infringing; or (iii) QUOTIENT’S use of superseded or altered version of any Instrument or software if infringement would have been avoided by the use of subsequently revised software or Instrument and provided such new software has been provided to QUOTIENT.
OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION. 4574.25US08 United States of America Infusion Pump System With Disposable Cartridge Having Pressure Venting and Pressure Feedback 13/271,156 10/11/2011 US 8,298,184 10/30/2012 4574.25EP Europe Infusion Pump System With Disposable Cartridge Having Pressure Venting and Pressure Feedback 10805076.6 07/29/2010 EP 2459251 03/12/2014 (DE, FR, GB) [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] [***] 4576.23US01 United States of America (in-licensed) Insulin Pump Having Missed Meal Bolus Alarm 10/087,460 02/28/2002 US 6,744,350 06/01/2004 [***]: CONFIDENTIAL PORTIONS OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION.
OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION which such claim is presented in view of United States patent applications [***] and [***], Licensee will use reasonable efforts to eliminate the basis for the double patenting rejection and if necessary to eliminate the rejection, License will withdraw such claim.
OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION. Warranted Products”), solely for purposes of making or having made Warranted Products and supporting its customers’ use of Warranted Products, to the extent any of the foregoing activities would, absent the license granted to Licensor under this Section, infringe any or all of the patents within the Patent Rights. Included within the scope of this license is a perpetual covenant by Licensee not to xxx Licensor or its customers for patent infringement on the Warranted Products. Such license shall commence upon the Effective Date and continue through the expiration of the last to expire warranty period of Warranted Products.
OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION. PROCESS DESCRIPTION Processing of Changes with Customers Process Owner Project Manager Scope x Change Management ¨ Controlling ¨ Documentation ¨ Procurement Administration ¨ Procurement Added Value x Electronic Design x Firmware Design x Mechanical Design x Software Design x Spare Part Logistics x Production Engineering ¨ Health, Safety & Environ. ¨ IT x Key Account / Application ¨ Storage ¨ Machine Shop ¨ Human Resources ¨ Production x Production Team Manager x Production Planning x Project leader / BUL ¨ Verification Control Systems ¨ Control Systems Engineering ¨ Inspection Control Systems x QA & Reg. Affairs ¨ Quality Control ¨ Repairs ¨ System Verification ¨ Shipping ¨ Marketing ¨ Sales ¨ Administration ¨ Board of Management ¨ Goods Receiving Department ¨ Incoming Goods Inspection ¨ All Departments ¨ Others: PB035_Processing of Changes with Customers Version: 4.0 PAGE 1 OF 8 PROCESS DESCRIPTION Content 1 Introduction 3
OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION to the License Agreement and will be due on January 1, 2002 and each January 1 thereafter until the January 1 following the issuance of the first protein DNA claims; and
OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION be due. These Running Royalties shall be in effect for the ten (10) years from the first commercial sale of an IDENTIFIED PRODUCT, and this obligation shall survive termination of this agreement. All other terms and conditions as set forth in the Agreement. Agreed to for: MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SANGAMO BIOSCIENCES, INC. By: /s/ Xxxx Xxxxxx By: /s/ Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Name: Xxxx X. Xxxxxx Name: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Title: Director, Technologic Licensing Office Title: Vice President, Corporate Development
OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION. At least [***] ([***]) days prior to the date on which Spectrum will issue its first purchase order to CyDex for Commercial Grade Captisol (the “First Commercial Order Date”), Spectrum shall provide to CyDex a detailed rolling forecast setting forth Spectrum’s requirements and anticipated delivery schedules for Commercial Grade Captisol for each calendar quarter during a [***] ([***]) month period (the “Detailed Commercial Forecast,” and together with the Detailed Clinical Forecast, a “Detailed Forecast”)) starting from the calendar quarter in which the First Commercial Order Date occurs and the next [***] calendar quarters. For purposes of this Agreement, a calendar quarter means the consecutive [***] ([***]) month period ending March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31, respectively. The Detailed Forecast shall thereafter be updated by Spectrum quarterly on a rolling basis, no later than the [***] day of each calendar quarter, so that in each calendar quarter CyDex shall have been provided with a rolling Detailed Forecast for each calendar quarter during the [***] ([***]) month period commencing on the first day of the next calendar quarter following the date on which such Detailed Forecast is submitted. The Detailed Forecast shall be [***], with respect to the [***] calendar quarters covered by such updated Detailed Forecast (“[***]”, “[***]”, “[***], respectively, and where the [***] calendar quarter shall be “[***]”).