Without limiting Sample Clauses

Without limiting. Verizon’s rights pursuant to Applicable Law or any other section of this Agreement to terminate its provision of a UNE or a Combination, if Verizon provides a UNE or Combination to Reconex, and the Commission, the FCC, a court or other governmental body of appropriate jurisdiction determines or has determined that Verizon is not required by Applicable Law to provide such UNEs or Combination, Verizon may terminate its provision of such UNE or Combination to Reconex. If Verizon terminates its provision of a UNE or a Combination to Reconex pursuant to this Section 1.5 and Reconex elects to purchase other Services offered by Verizon in place of such UNE or Combination, then: (a) Verizon shall reasonably cooperate with Reconex to coordinate the termination of such UNE or Combination and the installation of such Services to minimize the interruption of service to Customers of Reconex; and, (b) Reconex shall pay all applicable charges for such Services, including, but not limited to, all applicable installation charges.
Without limiting the other provisions of this Section 3.1, among other delegations by the Trustees, the Trustees have determined that there is a significant risk that the Trust and its shareholders may be adversely affected by investors with short term trading activity and/or whose purchase and redemption activity follows a market timing pattern as defined in the prospectus for the Trust, and have authorized the Trust, the Underwriter and the Trust's transfer agent to adopt procedures and take other action (including, without limitation, rejecting specific purchase orders in whole or in part) as they deem necessary to reduce, discourage, restrict or eliminate such trading and/or market timing activity. You agree that your purchases and redemptions of Portfolio shares are subject to, and that you will assist us in implementing, the Market Timing Trading Policy and Additional Policies (as described in the Trust's prospectus) and the Trust's restrictions on excessive and/or short term trading activity and/or purchase and redemption activity that follows a market timing pattern.
Without limiting paragraph 3.1 above, the Supplier shall produce at the start of each Year a plan for improving the provision of Services under all Call-Off Contracts and reducing the Framework Prices (without adversely affecting the performance of the Framework Agreement or any Call-Off Contract) during that Year ("Continuous Improvement Plan") for the approval of the Authority. The Continuous Improvement Plan shall include, as a minimum, proposals in respect of the following:
Without limiting. Section 4.1(a), without the prior written consent of the Secured Parties in each instance, the Grantor shall not change its (i) principal residence, if it is an individual, (ii) place of business, if it has only one place of business and is not a Registered Organization, (iii) principal place of business, if it has more than one place of business and is not a Registered Organization, or (iv) state of incorporation, formation or organization, if it is a Registered Organization.
Without limiting. Article 12.1, LESSEE agrees that such maintenance and repairs will include but will not be limited to each of the following specific items:
Without limiting the obligation of Borrower to deliver any other information to Lender, Borrower shall promptly report to Lender any return of Inventory by any one account debtor if the Inventory so returned in such case has a value in excess of $50,000. At any time that Inventory is returned, reclaimed or repossessed, the Account (or portion thereof) which arose from the sale of such returned, reclaimed or repossessed Inventory shall not be deemed an Eligible Account. In the event any account debtor returns Inventory when an Event of Default exists or has occurred and is continuing, Borrower shall, upon Lender's request, (i) hold the returned Inventory in trust for Lender, (ii) segregate all returned Inventory from all of its other property, (iii) dispose of the returned Inventory solely according to Lender's instructions, and (iv) not issue any credits, discounts or allowances with respect thereto without Lender's prior written consent.
Without limiting any obligation of the Issuer pursuant to this Agreement to provide the Dealer with credit and financial information, the Issuer hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Dealer may share the Company Information and any other information or matters relating to the Issuer or the transactions contemplated hereby with affiliates of the Dealer, and that such affiliates may likewise share information relating to the Issuer or such transactions with the Dealer.
Without limiting the other rights and remedies of the Landlord, the Landlord may seek to terminate the tenancy lawfully by obtaining a court order if:
Without limiting the provisions of Section 12.1, the Board of Trustees of the Trust may, by resolution duly adopted, without shareholder approval (except as otherwise required by Article 11 or required by applicable law), amend Article 11 to (a) reflect any amendments hereto which the Board of Trustees of the Trust is entitled to adopt pursuant to the terms of Article 11 without shareholder approval or (b) add additional series of APS or additional shares of a series of APS (and terms relating thereto) to the series and shares of APS described herein. Each such additional series and all such additional APS shall be governed by the terms of Article 11.
Without limiting. Section 2.5.1 above, this Amendment itself is not intended to implement future changes in law regarding unbundling obligations (whether new affirmative unbundling obligations or cessation of existing unbundling obligations); provided, however, that, for the avoidance of any doubt, this Section 2.5.2 shall not be construed to limit Verizon's rights with respect to: (a) discontinuance of UNEs at wire centers (or on routes) that in the future become non-impaired based on the FCC's criteria referenced in Sections 3.4 and 3.5 below, (b) discontinuance of any loops or transport that in the future exceed the caps set forth in Sections 3.4 and 3.5 below, (c) Verizon's rejection of a Qwest order for a TRRO Certification Element without first seeking dispute resolution, under Section below, in any case where a Qwest order conflicts with a future non-impaired Wire Center designation that the Department or the FCC orders or affirmatively approves, or that is otherwise confirmed through dispute resolution, (d) repricing or disconnection of Discontinued Facilities at the end of the TRRO transition periods as provided for in Section 3.9 below, (e) discontinuance of High Capacity EELs that are determined in the future to be non-compliant under Section or below, (f) future implementation of any rates or charges pursuant to the terms set forth in the Pricing Attachment to this Amendment.