Technical Training Sample Clauses

Technical Training. The CAISO and the Participating TOs shall respond to reasonable requests for support and provide relevant technical training to each other’s employees to support the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the CAISO Controlled Grid and to comply with any NERC or WECC operator certification or training requirements. Examples of such technical training include, but are not limited to: (1) the theory or operation of new or modified equipment (e.g., control systems, Remedial Action Schemes, protective relays); (2) computer and applicator programs; and (3) CAISO (or Participating TO) requirements. The Parties shall enter into agreements regarding the timing, term, locations, and cost allocation for the training.
Technical Training. 3.1 Party A agrees hereby to provide the following training service to party B and its staffs:
Technical Training. (05) All culinary apprentices shall be scheduled in all areas of the Culinary Department in order to prepare them to write the appropriate exam(s). Furthermore, in conjunction with the appropriate school’s availability, the Company will schedule the apprentice, within thirteen (13) calendar months from the date of entering into a level of the program, so that they may attend the technical training portion of their program.
Technical Training. Elekta shall provide to four (4) persons on the Buyer’s staff instruction relating to the technical operation and maintenance of the LGK. Such instruction shall not exceed two consecutive days and will be provided on site by installation personnel at the time of install.
Technical Training. Party B hereby agrees to provide the following training to Party A and its employees:
Technical Training. 5.3.1. Technical Training will occur at Accuray's training facility in Sunnyvale, California or such other regional training facility as Accuray may establish. At a minimum, Customer must include the following individuals in the first group that Customer sends to Technical Training:
Technical Training. All PIAB indentured Apprentices shall attend only PIAB delivered Apprenticeship training courses other than those in outlying areas at the discretion of the Executive Director. Apprentices that attend courses other than those offered by the PIAB for Apprenticeship credit without written authorization from the PIAB may have their Sponsorship Cancelled.
Technical Training a. CERE defines with Client the date, program design, level of the contents and the objectives of the course.
Technical Training. During the term of this Agreement, Company shall, at its expense, provide 3Com with one (1) course per Product of basic and advanced training for up to six (6) 3Com employees (including the Authorized Callers) engaged in the technical support of the Product. Company shall further provide to 3Com, at Company's expense, similar training for modifications or other revisions to the Product(s). Training will be conducted at Com21's facilities in Milpitas, California or such other mutually agreeable facility. Each training course shall commence on a mutually agreed upon date. Such training shall cover in detail, the installation, configuration, operation, trouble shooting, adjustment, test and maintenance of the Product. When training is held at Company's training facilities, Company shall provide a reasonable quantity of appropriate Product units as training aids. When such classes are conducted at 3Com's facilities, 3Com shall provide a reasonable quantity of Products, and other required equipment as training aides. Company shall provide copies of the student training guides, and all other necessary materials to each trainee and to 3Com. 3Com may record any or all training courses on video tape and may reproduce and distribute such recordings, for internal use only, under 3Com's name. Company also shall provide at no cost to 3Com, continuing training to 3Com employees and independent contractors, as follows:
Technical Training. (1) Licensor shall provide, at Licensor's facilities, technical training, free of any additional charge, to representatives of Licensee or its sub-contractors with respect to the design, manufacture, assembly, installation, repair, inspection, maintenance, quality control and sale of the Products.