E Procedure Sample Clauses

E Procedure. All presentations are to be short and concise and are to include a comprehensive opening statement. The parties agree to make limited use of authorities during their presentations.
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E Procedure. It the mutual desire of the parties hereto that complaints or grievances of employees shall be adjusted as as possible. A grievance concerning the interpretation, application or violation of this Agreement must be processedwithin seven (7) working days after the circumstancesgiving to the grievance originate or occur in the following manner and sequence:
E Procedure. All presentations are to be short and concise and are to include a comprehensive opening statement. The parties agree to make limited use of authorities during their presentations. F Mediation Assistance Prior to rendering a decision, the arbitrator may assist the parties in mediating a resolution to the grievance. Where mediation fails, or is not appropriate, a decision shall be rendered as contemplated herein. G Issuance of Report The decision of the arbitrator is to be completed on the agreed to form and mailed to the parties within five (5) working days of the hearing.
E Procedure it is agreed that the grievances of the employees shall be adjusted as quickly as possible. Any or dispute relating to the interpretation, application or administration of this Agreement or relating to any of the and conditions of employment,shall be dealt with in the following manner:
E Procedure. Any differences, disputes or complaints arising over the interpretation or application of this Agreement shall be submitted in writing, on a form supplied by the Union and, signed by the involved. There shall be an xxxxxxx effort on the part of both parties to settle such grievances promptly through the following steps: By a conference between the aggrieved employee and his immediate superior. The employee may be accompanied by his Xxxxxxx. The immediate superior shall give his decision within two full working days. Failing settlement: then, Within ten (10) full working days following the decision in Step No. an official of the Union shall meet with a representative of the Employer at which time the written record of the grievance shall be presented. The decision shall be given in writing within five (5) full working days following this Failing a settlement under Step No. of any difference between the parties arising from the interpretation, administration or alleged violation of this Agreement, including any question as to whether a matter is arbitrable such difference may be taken to arbitration as hereinafter provided, and if no written request for arbitration has been made within thirty (30) days of decision under Step No. it shall be deemed to have been abandoned, No complaint or grievance may be submitted or considered under the grievance procedure unless it has been presented within five (5) working days from the time of the occurrence of the incident giving rise to the grievance. Any complaint or grievance concerning or affecting a group of employees shall be originated under STEP Any complaint or grievance arising directly between the Employer and the Union shall be originated under Step A claim by an employee that he has been unjustly discharged or laid off shall be treated as a grievance and may be taken up under STEP of the Grievance Procedure provided a written statement on such grievance is lodged with the Employer within five (5) working days after the discharge or lay-off is effected. Such special grievances may be settled under the Grievance Procedure by: confirming the action in dismissing or laying off the employee; reinstating the employee with full compensation for time lost; or any other arrangement which may be deemed just and equitable. LE 6' When either party requests that a dispute be submitted to arbitration as provided, it shall notify the other party and at the same time nominate an arbitrator. Within five (5) full working days...
E Procedure. A. Definition: A grievance shall be defined as an alleged violation of the express terms and conditions of this Agreement. The termination of services or failure to reemploy any probationary employee shall not be grievable.
E Procedure. The Company agrees that when it becomes necessary to suspend or discharge employee, such employee and xxxxxxx shall at the time of his suspension or discharge be given the reasons in writing and be informed that unless a grievance is filed in writing with the Company within seventy-two (72) hours, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, recognized in this Agreement, after such suspension or discharge, the case will be considered as closed. The xxxxxxx shall be prior to and included in any disciplinary hearing. A copy of the disciplinary notice will be to the suspended or discharged employee's committeepersonwithin twenty-four (24) hours. Any grievance arising hereunder shall be processed at Step Two of the grievance procedure. The plant chairperson shall be furnished with a copy of such discharges within twenty-four (24) hours, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, after the discharge occurs, and if requested by the Union, a meeting will be arranged within forty-eight (48) hours after receipt of such notice by the plant chairperson. Discharge or grievances may be settled by confirming the management's action in dismissing or suspending the employee, or by reinstating the employee with full compensation for time lost or by any other arrangement which is just and equitable in the opinion of the parties or at Arbitration.
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E Procedure. A grievance is defined to be any difference between the parties or between an employee and the Company, relating to the interpretation, application, administration or alleged violation of this agreement.
E Procedure. A grievance to be considered under this procedure must be initiated by the grievant within twenty (20) working days from the time of its occurrence or the time when the aggrieved person became aware, or should have become aware of the alleged grievance.
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