DISCHARGE AND DISCIPLINE CASES. 10.01 Whenever the Corporation deems it necessary to censure an employee in writing, in a manner indicating that dismissal or suspension may follow, the Corporation shall within five
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DISCHARGE AND DISCIPLINE CASES. 14.1 When an employee with seniority is being dismissed, the Union will be notified prior to the Dismissal Notice, and a meeting shall be arranged immediately with the Director Human Resources, or the Director’s designate; at which meeting the dismissed employee, two (2) Union Representatives, the Manager concerned, or his designate, and the Director Human Resources, or the Director’s designate, shall be present.
DISCHARGE AND DISCIPLINE CASES. 8.01 In the event that an employee who has attained seniority is discharged or disciplined, the Employer at the time of discharging or disciplining such employee shall inform the employee of the reasons for such action, in writing, and if the employee feels that the discharge or discipline was not for just cause, the case may be taken as a grievance commencing at Step 2 of the Grievance Procedure. At the time of discipline or discharge of an employee, the employee is to be represented by the Local Union. The Employer shall advise the employee of this requirement in advance.
DISCHARGE AND DISCIPLINE CASES. 15.01 In the event an employee who has attained seniority is discharged or disciplined and the employee considers that an injustice has been done, the matter may be taken up at Step 2 of the Grievance Procedure.
DISCHARGE AND DISCIPLINE CASES. 11.01 Prior to any discharge or disciplinary action being taken, the University will convene a meeting between the supervisor and the employee to discuss the matter. This meeting will be convened within fifteen (15) working days of the Employer having knowledge of the act in question.
DISCHARGE AND DISCIPLINE CASES. In the event a member of the unit shall be discharged from his/her employment, the Union will be immediately notified, in writing, of such discharge. In all cases of discharge, a grievance, if any, must be filed in writing within ten (10) working days of the receipt of the notice of discharge provided in the above paragraph. Any employee or group of employees who are called into any office for the purpose of discipline may request the presence of the Chairman of the Grievance Committee or other Committee person and such requests shall not be denied by the Board. Normally employees will not be disciplined or given any reprimand in the presence of students or employees (excluding grievance committee members). Should the need for discipline arise, the Board agrees that the intent of the discipline will be to correct the employee. In determining discipline, the Board shall not consider verbal or written warnings which were issued more than twelve (12) months prior to the current penalty.
DISCHARGE AND DISCIPLINE CASES. Section 1. In the event a non-probationary member of the unit shall be discharged from his/her employment on or after the date hereof, and he/she believes that he has been unjustly dealt with, such discharge shall constitute a case arising under the methods of adjustment of grievances as herein provided.
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DISCHARGE AND DISCIPLINE CASES. 8.01 All grievances must contain a concise statement of the facts with the clause or clauses in this Agreement allegedly violated and the remedy sought.
DISCHARGE AND DISCIPLINE CASES. 22.01 Disciplinary action is defined, but not limited to:
DISCHARGE AND DISCIPLINE CASES. 10.01 A copy of any written warning or letter confirming a suspension or discharge given to an employee will be sent to the Union. A claim by an employee who has acquired seniority that he has been unjustly suspended or discharged shall be treated as a grievance if a written statement of such grievance is lodged with the Company within five (5) days after the written notice of suspension or discharge has been given. In such cases the written grievance will commence at Step No. 2 of the Grievance Procedure.
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