Labor Dispute Sample Clauses

Labor Dispute. Notwithstanding any condition precedent to the contrary contained herein, a labor dispute of any sort involving employees of the Borrower or its Subsidiaries shall not prevent the Borrower from borrowing hereunder unless as a result thereof the Borrower is in violation of the covenant set forth in Section 5.02(c) or a Default exists under Section 6.01(a) or (e).
Labor Dispute. Whenever any actual or potential labor dispute delays or threatens to delay the timely performance of this Purchase Order, Supplier shall immediately give written notice thereof to Buyer. Supplier shall insert the substance of this provision in its orders with its suppliers.
Labor Dispute. Where any dispute arises between the parties relating to this Agreement, both parties shall first negotiate to resolve such dispute. If negotiation fails, either party may apply for arbitration to the competent labor dispute arbitration commission at the place of Party A. If either party objects to the award of the commission, it may file a lawsuit to the people’s court of first instance at the place of Party A.
Labor Dispute. No labor dispute with the employees of the Operating Partnership, the Company or any of their subsidiaries exists or, to the knowledge of the Company and the Operating Partnership, is imminent, which in either case would result in a Material Adverse Effect.
Labor Dispute. In the event of a labor dispute or strike by Contractor’s or its Subcontractorsemployees which threatens the progress or cost of Work, or PG&E’s labor relations, or which disrupts PG&E’s operations, or results in a secondary boycott at PG&E’s facilities, PG&E reserves the right to restrict and/or require the additional hiring of Contractor’s employees, to suspend or discontinue the Work of the Contractor or any Subcontractor, or cancel the Contract for cause. This paragraph shall be applicable whether or not any Contractor or Subcontractor is directly involved in a labor dispute.
Labor Dispute. Certain of Seller’s employees are members of collective bargaining unit(s) and Seller has labor agreement(s) with such unit(s). Accordingly, Seller shall:
Labor Dispute. Article 32 In the event that any dispute arises from the performance of this Contract and either party requests that such dispute be submitted to arbitration, such dispute shall be submitted to the competent labor dispute arbitration committee for arbitration within the statutory period in accordance with the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China. Where either party refuses to accept an arbitral award passed by such labor dispute arbitration committee, he/she/it may bring an action before a people’s court.
Labor Dispute. If labor dispute occurs, both parties shall resolve it through consultation. In case of failing to reach an agreement, each party may submit the dispute to Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee having jurisdiction. If rejecting the award, each party can take a proceeding. The party applying for arbitration shall submit the arbitration application to Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee within 60 days when the labor dispute arises. If rejecting the award, the party can xxx to the court within 15 days after receipt of the award.
Labor Dispute. A strike, walkout, lockout or other dispute between a Party’s labor force and the Party.