Field inspection definition

Field inspection means an on-site determination of relevant characteristics of the area involved in or affected by the proposed or permitted project.
Field inspection means an on-site inspection of a right of way or easement, made by authorized state land office personnel, which, if required under the price schedule or otherwise appropriate, may include specialized services such as market analysis or a determination of fair market value.
Field inspection means an examination of a crop seed field including checking for effective isolation distance, hectarage of the seed field, off-types, foreign cultivar and diseased plants as part of the seed certification programme;

Examples of Field inspection in a sentence

  • Services provided by an independent contract provider under contract with TDLR to include the Preliminary Plan Review and Final Plan Review and Field Inspection of placed work to coincide with the pre-final inspections.

  • Notice of Non-Compliance documents will be posted to project files and EADOC in numerical sequence with reference to notice of issue date, location, and subject matter along with relevant or referenced information (Field Inspection report form, test result, photograph, etc.).

  • Effort associated with this task is accounted for within Task 3.8 Field Inspection.

  • Field Inspection Reports will be posted to project files and EADOC.

  • A customer may request a QA Field Inspection up to three months after the delivery of a Pilot rating; however, the Pilot goal is to conduct QA Field Inspections within 30 days from delivery of the rating report.

More Definitions of Field inspection

Field inspection means an inspection by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, or by the seed contracting company to whom the Insured is selling the crop.
Field inspection. BellSouth provides name of its representative appointed to coordinate field inspection requested in Item 14.
Field inspection means inspection of the Contractor's work by PEDB by applying such random sampling procedures on the site as PEDB in its sole professional discretion considers necessary to enable it to ascertain whether the Contractor is generally carrying out the work in general conformity with the design concepts for the Project.
Field inspection means physical examination or observation of a field by an authorized state seed employee.
Field inspection means visiting a project area to quickly assess the physical landscape for archeological sensitivity, to identify areas that have been significantly disturbed in the past, and to identify potential archeological issues that should be considered during project planning.
Field inspection means an inspection of a growing crop, or a field which contains or has contained a growing crop, by an inspector;
Field inspection means an internal/external inspection as defined by ANSI/NB 23.