Event Organiser definition

Event Organiser means an organisation authorised to conduct Rugby Union programs, events, tournaments, and/or matches in Australia, pursuant to the Rugby Australia Event Sanctioning Guidelines,
Event Organiser means Sole Motive Pty Ltd, as trustee for the Sole Motive Unit Trust ABN 95 410 987.
Event Organiser means the party who owns the rights to or is organising the Exhibition.

Examples of Event Organiser in a sentence

  • If the Participant is an Event Organiser as defined by the German Ordinance on Places of Public Assembly as amended (Versammlungsstättenverordnung) he has the responsibility resulting from such.

  • It is my responsibility to read and understand the Privacy Policy of the Event Organiser (if any).

  • Should I become ill at or start to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms at the Event I shall withdraw safely and immediately notify the Event Organiser, including identification of those others who I have come into contact with at the Event.I declare, acknowledge and accept that I will comply with all Government and Motorsport Australia requirements imposed in respect of COVID-19.

  • I understand that if I have any concern or complaint about the way the Event Organiser handles my personal information, I must contact the Event Organiser.

  • The Event Organiser may, in the Event Organiser’s sole discretion, exclude me from the Event if the Event Organiser deems this appropriate for my safety or the safety of other participants.

More Definitions of Event Organiser

Event Organiser means the person or persons who have taken on responsibility for holding an Event.
Event Organiser. ’ means a person who applies to hold an event in terms of section 4, whether in personal capacity or on behalf of another person, body or organisation;
Event Organiser means a person who organises an event requiring an event permit;
Event Organiser means Major Events Gold Coast (MEGC), ABN 77 633 448 094.
Event Organiser. , in relation to an event, means a person who—
Event Organiser means a person who submits an application to hold an event in terms of this By Law whether he or she submits the application for himself or herself or on behalf of another person, body or organization;
Event Organiser. , for an event, means a person who is responsible (whether fully or substantially) for the organisation and holding of the event and the receipt of revenue from the event (if any);