Financial Transaction definition

Financial Transaction means purchase, redemption, exchange or any other transaction involving the movement of Shares initiated by an End-User.
Financial Transaction means any arrangement from which a Business or individual anticipates receiving or transferring money or any other thing of value including, but not limited to, arrangements for purchase, sale, lease or other transfer or conveyance of any interest in real or personal property; construction or improvement of any facility or property; and procurement of services, both personal and consulting.
Financial Transaction means a transaction or activity that is conducted or undertaken for profit and arises from the joint ownership or the ownership or part ownership in common of any real or personal property or any commercial or business enterprise of whatever form or nature between the following:

Examples of Financial Transaction in a sentence

  • Furthermore, whilst we acknowledge the strength of public anger against the financial sector, and the widespread view that those who contributed to the current financial crisis should contribute to its costs, we fear that a Financial Transaction Tax is the wrong way to seek to meet such demands.

  • It is vital that the potential impact of a proposal with such significant implications as the Commission’s Financial Transaction Tax model should be calculated with more rigour and reliability.

  • Yet even if the case is made that such transactions should be discouraged, it is far from clear that a Financial Transaction Tax is the best way to achieve this.

  • Whilst we note that this model may hold certain advantages in comparison to a Financial Transaction Tax, notably making it more difficult for financial institutions to pass on the tax burden, it may also hold drawbacks, for instance in taxing all financial institutions’ activities regardless of how beneficial they are.

  • The Commission has set out a number of objectives behind its proposal for a Financial Transaction Tax.

More Definitions of Financial Transaction

Financial Transaction means an entry or set of entries or transaction causing movement of funds and affecting the balance(s) in the Account(s), whether directly initiated manually, automatically, electronically or remotely transmitted via the channels made available by the Bank.
Financial Transaction means any of the following:
Financial Transaction means a loan, purchase, sale, or other type of transfer or exchange of money, goods, other property, or services for value.
Financial Transaction means the receipt, payment or transfer of money on behalf of a client or giving instructions on behalf of a client in respect of the receipt, payment or transfer of money;
Financial Transaction means a purchase, sale,
Financial Transaction means any of the following as applicable to the business or services provided by a financial service provider:
Financial Transaction means a transaction involving the movement of funds by wire or other means, or involving one or more monetary instruments that in any way or degree affects commerce, or a transaction involving the transfer of title to a real property, vehicle, vessel, or aircraft, or a transaction involving the use of a money services business that is engaged in, or the activities of which affect, commerce in any way or degree.