British Columbia Sample Clauses

British Columbia. No person shall obtain from a reporting agency a report…(a) without the express written consent of the consumer, or (b) unless he/she promptly notifies the consumer in writing that a consumer report will be obtained. (The consent may be contained in an application for credit, insurance, employment or tenancy, if it is clearly set forth in type not less than 10 point in size, above the signature of the consumer.)
British Columbia. 82 The defendant relies on the judgment of Humphries J. in that case at (2003), 12 B.C.L.R. (4th) 121, 2003 BCSC 234 ( L.R. No. 2 ), in which after amending the common issue to narrow it to re- flect what was envisioned by the Court of Appeal in certifying it, Humphries J. at 91 warned the plaintiffs that in doing so she "reached a precarious balance between a potentially workable class proceeding and unmanageable confusion...". 83 In L.R. No. 2, Humphries J. was facing an application for decertification in the face of the de- fendant's submission that the case "as presently conceived and conducted by the plaintiffs is not the proceedings certified by the Court of Appeal and that it is irredeemably individual and is not man- ageable as a class proceeding." ( supra, 54) 84 The essential problem identified by the defendants in L.R. No. 2 and facedby Humphries J. is set out in paragraph 30 of her reasons for judgment which read as follows: In my view, it is not useful to begin the analysis of systemic negligence from the assumption that "it is now clear that sexual and physical abuse of children took place at the school throughout its his- tory." That very assertion inappropriately and perhaps erroneously (without having heard the evi- dence it is too early to tell) informs the analysis of a developing and changing standard of care over 42 years in a way that undermines the potential for conducting this action as a class proceeding. To start from such an all- encompassing assertion necessarily puts the defendant to the task of identify- ing an unending series of circumstances in order to attempt to answer, refute or admit on a piece- meal basis the facts which underlie that assertion. This renders the proceedings unmanageable be- cause individual complainants are not before the court, the alleged abusers will not be called, and the individual events of sexual misconduct are not in issue, even with regard to the prima facie reli- ability of the reports concerning them.
British Columbia. This Agreement to the Exploration and Purchase Agreement was acknowledged before me on ____________________________________, 2005. /s/ Lloyd A. Clark By: Lloyd A. Clark, Property OWNER Notary Public My Commission Expires On: __________________________ This Agreement to the Exploration and Purchase Agreement was acknowledged before me on ____________________________________, 2005. /s/Thomas Loucks By: Thomas Loucks, President, Trend Mining Company Notary Public My Commission Expires On: __________________________ EXHIBIT “A” “THE PROPERTY” Mineral Exploration and Purchase Agreement The Property herein shall mean, be defined and include all lands, claims and interests described in and made apart of this Agreement and shall include an “Area of Interestattached to and made part of the Mineral Exploration and Purchase Agreement made between OWNER and Company in respect to Saskatchewan Mineral Claim S-106843, Saskatchewan, dated September 2, 2004. Description of the Property and Area of Interest
British Columbia. Day 1: Eight and one half (8 ½) hours between the hours of 7:00 am to 5:00 pm with a half hour unpaid lunch, two fifteen (15) minute paid breaks. Days 2 through 9: Eight and one quarter (8 1/4) hours between the hours of 7:00 am to 5:00 pm with a half hour unpaid lunch, and two fifteen (15) minute paid breaks. (To allow for the 10th day off.)
British Columbia. In this connection the Consultant will assist the Company in selecting and engaging legal counsel to advise the Company with respect to the Offering and independent accountants to serve as the Company's auditors in the preparation of financial statements that are necessary to be furnished to prospective investors in connection with such public offering. The Consultant shall also assist the Company in selecting and engaging investment bankers to represent the Company as underwriter or agent in connection with the public offering of its common stock.
British Columbia a) Pope & Talbot Ltd.
British Columbia. 2.1 British Columbia will continue to provide Canada and FNESC with aggregate data on the provision of low incidence high cost special education, as well as the number of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) in place for First Nation Students, no later than July 30th of each year.
British Columbia. (i) Personal Property Security Act (British Columbia) Registration No. / Control No. Current Debtor Current Secured Party Current General Collateral Description and Other Particulars