Law firm definition

Law firm means both of the following:
Law firm means a partnership, limited liability partnership, or professional corporation organized for the practice of law.
Law firm or “firm” means a legal entity or combination of legal entities carrying on the practice of law;

Examples of Law firm in a sentence

  • A Law firm shall not be required nor permitted to modify its tender during the extended period.

  • The Appeal has been drafted by Tom Laue and a senior partner from Udall Law firm.

  • Law firm or name of partnership, association, corporation, or tribe on behalf of which the filing agent is signing.

  • Law firm and attorney logos, watermarks, or other such images must not appear on any pleading, motion, order, judgment, or writ.

  • The Law firm shall complete and sign the Tender Form and all other documents furnished in the Pre-Q Tender Document, indicating the services to be performed, and Methodology of Charging for Services amongst other information required.

More Definitions of Law firm

Law firm means a partnership consisting only of –
Law firm has the meaning set forth in Section 11.20.
Law firm an Organisation which is entitled to carry on a “reserved legal activity” in accordance with the Legal Services Xxx 0000 (including an organisation practising under an Alternative Business Structure (ABS)licence);
Law firm means a private firm of attorneys, the legal department of a governmental unit or agency, a corporation or another organization or a legal services organization.
Law firm means a partnership, professional lim- ited liability corporation, professional limited liability part- nership, or similar entity whose partners, members, or share- holders are exclusively attorneys-at-law.
Law firm means business entity formed by one or more lawyers to engage in the practice of law.
Law firm means a solicitor practising on his own account or a partnership whose members are solicitors but does not include a limited liability law partnership;