PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION. The Executive acknowledges that any document, equipment or any other property of the Corporation or its subsidiaries including, without limitation, any file, Work, document, sample, model, plan, xxxx-up, film or estimate, directly or indirectly related to the Business, which may be removed from the premises or taken from computers of the Corporation or any of its subsidiaries, shall remain the exclusive property of the Corporation or its subsidiaries and shall be returned immediately upon request or after the termination of this Agreement.
PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION. The Corporation shall be entitled to the sole benefit and exclusive ownership of any trademarks, trade names, marketing or advertising concept or strategy, any design patents, or any inventions or improvements in plant, machinery, processes, or other things used in the business of the Corporation that may be developed, made, or discovered by the Employee while he is in the service of the Corporation, and the Employee shall do all acts and things necessary or required to give the Corporation the benefit of this Section. The Employee agrees that he will not use any property of the Corporation except in furtherance of his duties hereunder.
PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION. Subject to Section 5(b), all memoranda, notes, lists, records and other documents (and all copies thereof) made or compiled by the Employee or made available to the Employee concerning the business of the Corporation or any of its affiliates shall be the Corporation's property and shall be delivered to the Corporation promptly upon the termination of the Employee's employment with the Corporation or any of its affiliates or at any other time on request.
PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION. All notes, records, drawings, documents or writings made or compiled by Silver or made available to Silver while employed (or serving as a director of the Corporation) by the Corporation concerning any Confidential Information shall be the property of the Corporation, and shall be delivered to the Corporation on the date hereof (if not previously delivered to the Corporation).
PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION. 19.1 The Executive hereby agrees to return to the Corporation, immediately upon termination of this Agreement and without making copies or disclosing information relating thereto, any and all documents, reproductions thereof, equipment, including but not limited to, printers and telecopiers if any, and other property belonging to the Corporation.
PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION. All records and other materials pertaining to Confidential Information, whether developed by S/E/C or others, shall be and remain the property of the Corporation. Upon termination of S/E/C's employment with the Corporation, all documents, records, notebooks and other materials of any kind pertaining to or containing Confidential Information then in S/E/C's possession, whether prepared by S/E/C or others will be left with a return to the Corporation.
PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION. 8.1 Existing Documents You agree and covenant that as soon as notice of termination of employment has been given by either party and/or your employment with the Corporation shall terminate, whichever is the earlier, you shall deliver to the Corporation at its request all books, records, printouts, lists, notes and other documents or copies thereof relating to the business of the Corporation which may be in your possession or directly or indirectly under your control.
PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION. The Executive agrees to deliver promptly to the Corporation all drawings, blueprints, manuals, letters, notes, notebooks, reports, sketches, formulae, computer programs and files, memoranda, customer lists and all other materials relating in any way to the Company Business and in any way obtained by the Executive during the period of his employment with the Corporation which are in his possession or under his control, and all copies thereof, (i) upon termination of the Executive’s employment with the Corporation, or (ii) at any other time at the Corporation’s request. The Executive further agrees he will not make or retain any copies of any of the foregoing and will so represent to the Corporation upon termination of his employment.
PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION. Employee hereby acknowledges and agrees that any and all information, software, localization process or application, copyrighted material, trademark or other tangible or intangible property used, developed, written or acquired by or with the assistance of Employee during the term of Employee's relationship with the Corporation are the sole and exclusive property of the Corporation or affiliated entity for whom Employee was working at the direction of the Corporation, and Employee has absolutely no right, title or interest thereto or therein. WHEN FULLY EXECUTED, THIS DOCUMENT WILL CONSTITUTE A BINDING LEGAL DOCUMENT, WHICH MAY AFFECT OR RESTRICT EMPLOYEE'S EMPLOYMENT WITH OTHER EMPLOYERS IN THE FUTURE. YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS DOCUMENT TO YOUR LEGAL ADVISOR FOR COMPLETE REVIEW PRIOR TO EXECUTION. CORPORATION: By: /s/ EZRA COHEN ---------------------- Date: 6/27/97 EMPLOYEE: Xx: /x/ XZRA HOMSANY ---------------------- Witnessses as to Xxxxxxxx:
PROPERTY OF THE CORPORATION. The Manager agrees that all documents (including, without limitation, software and information in machine-readable form) of any nature pertaining to activities of the Corporation and to its subsidiaries and affiliates, including without limitation, Confidential Information, in the Manager’s possession now or at any time during the term of this Agreement, are and shall be the property of the Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and that all such documents and all copies of them shall be surrendered to the Corporation whenever requested by the Corporation.