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In issue means “the subject of disagreement between the opposing parties”. In a striking charge, for example, there may be no dispute (i.e. no “issue”) that the reported player actually struck another player. What is disputed (“in issue”) is whether it was deliberate or accidental. In that situation, questions about peripheral detail (e.g. where other players, umpires, trainer etc were positioned), which are directed to suggesting that if the umpire’s recall is inadequate then their evidence of the reported incident is similarly suspect, are usually irrelevant to the issue. The umpire should really be questioned about whether they observed any behaviour on the part of the “victim” which could have provoked the alleged striking, or whether the contact may have occurred unintentionally.
In issue means ‘the subject of disagreement between the opposing parties’. In a striking charge, for example, there may be no dispute (that is, no ‘issue’) that the reported Player actually struck another Player. What is

Examples of In issue in a sentence

  • In issue in this application is the Applicant’s compliance with the second and third s (3)4(b) requirements, namely those of s 3(4)(b)(ii) ‘good cause’ for the delay and of s 3(4)(b)(iii) no unreasonable prejudice to the Respondent.

  • In issue 2 of IS magazine Rumiyah from late 2016, for example, readers are told of how Muhammed dealt with “harm” against Islam “through mere speech”: “The Prophet would not leave one who harmed Islam and the Muslims safe within the confines of his home, even if his harm was through mere speech and incitement, as was the case with the Jew, Ka’ab Ibn al-Ashraf.

  • In issue but not effective for periods commencing on 1 May 2020 A number of new standards and amendments to standards and interpretations are effective for annual periods beginning after 1 April 2021 and have not been applied in preparing these financial statements.

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  • Rights Issue means an offer of Shares open for a period fixed by the Directors to holders of Shares whose names appear on the register of members of the Company on a fixed record date in proportion to their then holdings of such Shares (subject to such exclusions or other arrangements as the Directors may deem necessary or expedient in relation to fractional entitlements or having regard to any restrictions or obligations under the laws of, or the requirements of any recognised regulatory body or any stock exchange in, any territory applicable to the Company).”

  • Settlement Class means, in respect of each Proceeding, the settlement class defined in Schedule A.