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In issue means “the subject of disagreement between the opposing parties”. In a striking charge, for example, there may be no dispute (i.e. no “issue”) that the reported player actually struck another player. What is disputed (“in issue”) is whether it was deliberate or accidental. In that situation, questions about peripheral detail (e.g. where other players, umpires, trainer etc were positioned), which are directed to suggesting that if the umpire’s recall is inadequate then their evidence of the reported incident is similarly suspect, are usually irrelevant to the issue. The umpire should really be questioned about whether they observed any behaviour on the part of the “victim” which could have provoked the alleged striking, or whether the contact may have occurred unintentionally.
In issue means ‘the subject of disagreement between the opposing parties’. In a striking charge, for example, there may be no dispute (that is, no ‘issue’) that the reported Player actually struck another Player. What is

Examples of In issue in a sentence

  • In issue was whether the owners could claim for the vessel’s depreciation resulting from the unrepaired damage suffered on the outward voyage.

  • In issue was the part of the directive which, tempering the principle that the use of human embryos for industrial or commercial purposes could not be patented, specified that this exclusion from patentability did not affect “inventions for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes which are applied to the human embryo and are useful to it”.

  • In issue identification energy savings are determined first at the issue level and then added to arrive at the total savings for the project.

  • Company Comment Ericsson In issue 4, Moderator says that the following WA may be confirmed, but it is not proposed in this CB: "WA: NG-RAN should NOT include the Trace Reference and Trace Recording Session Reference in the QoE configuration sent to UE".

  • In issue in Giorganni was a New South Wales offence of culpable driving causing death.

  • In issue 1-3-3, UE complexity between RA based on solution and one shot UL timing adjustment solution is similar.

  • In issue not yet adoptedIn January 2020, the IASB issued a narrow-scope amendment to IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements, to clarify that liabilities are classified as either current or non-current, depending on the rights that exist at the end of the reporting period.

  • In issue at this stage is whether the Company is entitled to a final order declaring the proposed strike unprotected and interdicting the affected employees from participating in the strike.

  • In issue 13 of the proposed APF rule (68 FR 34112), OSHA asked if exclusion of this standard was warranted.

  • Capital and ReservesShare capital and share premiumOrdinary shares 2011’000Ordinary shares 2011€’000Ordinary shares 2010’000Ordinary shares 2010€’000 Allotted, called-up and fully paid In issue at beginning and end of year351,8873,519351,8873,519 At 31 December 2011, the authorised share capital was €10,000,000 (2010: €10,000,000) divided into 1,000,000,000 ordinary shares of 1 cent each.

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  • Top-Issue means issues and/or failures identified and prioritized jointly by SAP and Licensee in accordance with SAP standards which (i) endanger Go-Live of a pre-production system or (ii) have a significant business impact on a Production System.

  • Issue means, with respect to any Letter of Credit, to issue or to extend the expiry of, or to renew or increase the amount of, such Letter of Credit; and the terms "Issued," "Issuing" and "Issuance" have corresponding meanings.

  • Rights Issue means an offer of shares open for a period fixed by the directors of the Company to holders of shares on the register of members of the Company on a fixed record date in proportion to their then holdings of such shares (subject to such exclusion or other arrangements as the directors of the Company may deem necessary or expedient in relation to fractional entitlements or having regard to any restrictions or obligations under the laws of, or the requirements of any recognised regulatory body or any stock exchange in any territory outside Hong Kong).”

  • Outstanding Issue means the number of Shares that are outstanding (on a non-diluted basis) immediately prior to the Share issuance or grant of Option in question.

  • magistrate means a magistrate as defined in section 1 of the Magistrates Act, 2003 (Act No. 3 of 2003), and who, upon the date of his or her retirement, had served as a magistrate for a period of not less than 20 years; and

  • Issuing tribunal means the tribunal of a state or foreign country that issues a support order or a judgment determining parentage of a child.

  • Approving Authority means a government (federal, provincial or municipal), governmental agency, Crown corporation, or quasi-governmental authority (a privately operated organization exercising authority delegated by legislation or a government).

  • Class Counsel means Ontario Counsel, Quebec Counsel and BC Counsel.