Manitoba Sample Clauses

Manitoba. 217842-7
Manitoba. 3. The Pension Benefits Act, C.C.S.M., c. P32. New Brunswick
Manitoba. Further the parties have agreed that the 95% of the rates as identified above shall become the benchmark for the Division rates from this day forward. Brush Painter, Roller Painter, Glazier, Plasterer and Floor Installer wages are as follows:
Manitoba. The Pooled Registered Pension Plans (Manitoba) Act, C.C.S.M. c.P94.6 SCHEDULE B Requirements to be met under the VRSP Act for the AMF to Issue a VRSP Licence to the Holder of a Federal PRPP Licence In order to obtain a licence to act as administrator pursuant to the VRSP Act, a corporation must:
Manitoba. If you are a resident of Manitoba, and if there is a misrepresentation in this Offering Memorandum, you have a statutory right to sue:
Manitoba. No person shall conduct, or cause to be conducted, a personal investigation (a) without the express written consent of the subject, or (b) unless the subject is given written notice by the user, within ten days of the granting or denial of the benefit for which the subject has applied, that a personal investigation was conducted. This consent may be contained in an application for credit, insurance, employment or tenancy if clearly set forth in type not less than 10 point size above the subject’s signature, and the consent shall be deemed to be continuing during the term of any agreement for credit, insurance, employment or tenancy; but, if the user refuses any application for increase of any benefits under any such agreement the user shall give notice of any partial or complete denial of such application as required under law. Ontario be referred to in connection with the transaction, he/she shall give notice of the fact to the consumer in writing at the time of the application for credit; or, if the application is made orally, orally at the time of the credit application.
Manitoba. Blue Cross has the authority to obtain the participant's pertinent medical records, information or payment from any physician, dentist, hospital, clinic related facility or other insurers to administer the terms of this agreement.
Manitoba. If the Trust is wound up or has Assets of less than one hundred thousand ($100,000.00) dollars, the provisions of Article 10 applicable to Manitoba shall be terminated for subsequent periods of Normal Funding and Programming. Such termination shall not affect the rights of Xxxxxx House or Manitoba or its assignee in connection with disputes regarding the provision of Normal Funding and Programming with respect to periods prior to such termination. TABLE OF CONTENTS ARTICLE 11 11.0 OPERATION, MAINTENANCE & REPLACEMENT 11.1 INTRODUCTION 11.1.1 Introduction 1 11.2 O & M Board
Manitoba. The Manitoba government’s Web page listing its acts and regulations affecting surface and groundwater (Manitoba, 1997) sheds very little light on what legislation affects the design and construction of drainage works in that province. Its Water Resources Administration Act contains references to designated flood areas. The City of Winnipeg Act deals specifically with the designated floodway fringe for this city situated in the flood-prone Red River valley. Unfortunately, none of these legislative documents were available to the study team. Following public consultation, this province has also developed the Manitoba Water Policies that were adopted in 1990. These policies are designed to achieve seven distinct objectives, three of which, falling under the headings of ‘Conservation’, ‘Flooding’ and ‘Drainage’, may have relevance to the design of drainage works. Under FDRP, the 100-year flood was used to designate flood risk areas in 17 communities (Environment Canada, 2000k).
Manitoba. A. The classifications and the hourly wage rates applicable thereto shall be as follows: May May chainman; stakeman; pipefinder; flagman General skid setter; helper Buffer; grader; driller helper; saw filer Paper dope pot fireman N/M; power saw operator Jackhammerman; pneumatic tool operator; breaker operator; Attendant Twenty-five cents per hour above regular rate. Job Xxxxxxx Fifty cents per hour above regular rate. When an employee covered by this Agreement is employed on hot work he shall receive one dollar per hour above his regular rate.