Before Sample Clauses

Before. Where appropriate as determined by the nature of the programme, be responsible for securing an approved Work Placement. • Attend any pre-departure sessions and ensure that information provided by the University and the Host Organisation is understood. • If participating in a Work Placement abroad, be responsible for ensuring they have valid passports and visas for their destination and their return to the UK. • Seek any relevant advice from their own GP in relation to immunisations and health issues. • Ensure that all documentation which requires their input is submitted by the required deadline. • Take full insurance for his/her travel and stay at the work placement. (The University of St Xxxxxxx insures students for the duration of their placement. xxxxx:// ) During • Comply with all arrangements agreed for the Work Placement and approach the opportunity in a professional manner which upholds and enhances the University’s reputation. • Abide by the rules and regulations of the Host Organisation, including working hours, code of conduct, rules of confidentiality and social media policy. • Be fully aware of the health and safety aspects of the Work Placement and comply with all guidance issued by the School and the Host Organisation. • Communicate with the University pro-actively, especially if a problem arises or there are any concerns about the Placement. • Complete all academic requirements as stipulated by their School in St Xxxxxxx. • Comply with any Tier 4 visa requirements as detailed by the University (or UKVI). • Comply with the University’s relevant Terms & Conditions.
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Before a resident of a Contracting State is denied relief from taxation in the other Contracting State by reason of paragraph 1, 2 or 3, the competent authorities of the Contracting States shall consult each other.
Before. 31 March each year a Party shall provide the other Party with information on the name and registration number of each approved exporter, along with corresponding serial numbers of all the Declarations of Origin completed in the preceding year. If any discrepancies are discovered because of this information, a Party shall inform the other Party of such discrepancies fur further investigation or clarification on behalf of that Party.
Before. 30 November every year, Party A shall provide Party B with its annual business plan determined for the next year so that Party B can arrange relevant service plans and add necessary software, equipment, personnel and Consultation and technical service forces. If Party A temporarily needs extra equipment or personnel to be provided by Party B, it shall consult with Party B fifteen (15) days in advance in order to reach a consensus with Party B.
Before. (i) The use of the vehicle described in this contract is changed to a use to which a different vehicle rate class applies than the vehicle rate class applicable to the use set out in this contract, or
Before. November 1, 2021 | $250.00 December 1, 2021 | $150.00 After December 1, 2021 | No Refund
Before. Pastes the stored page in front of the current page. • Click the Before button on the Page toolbar or select Before in Paste on the Page menu.
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Before. Inspect your vehicle for any existing damages and verify if they are listed on your rental agreement. If not, alert a SIXT employee to record them BEFORE leaving the branch. DURING Refill your tank before returning if you did not purchase our prepaid fuel option, otherwise, you will be charged a per-gallon rate as stated in your contract. Keep a copy of your receipt as you may be asked to present it upon returning the vehicle.
Before. 348 proceeding with either option, the parties will agree in writing 349 about the specific procedures they will follow under the option 350 selected, including, but not limited to the applicable timelines, 351 the extent to which the decision by the Grievance Resolution 352 Panel or Informal Arbitrator will be binding upon the parties, and 353 the procedure for moving the matter to formal arbitration under 354 Section 7.6.3, if the optional resolution procedures fail to resolve 355 the grievance.
Before. □ Hall is clean and tidy, and in reasonable repair. □ Concession area is clean; utensils and other implements are stored in their designated places. □ Coffee maker is clean and ready for use. □ Tables and chairs are stacked as directed and stored in designated area. □ Walls are clear of materials from previous rentals. Marks, pinholes and other damage noted: □ Garbage bins are emptied and clean. □ Furnishings are clean and in reasonable repair. □ Parking area is free of debris. □ Garbage area is clean and free of debris. I hereby agree with the above-noted report regarding the condition of on (Date) . Township of KHR Representative (print name) Xxxxxx (print name) (signature) Renter (signature)
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