Rental Agreement Sample Clauses

Rental Agreement. All of the Roommates agree to be bound by all of the terms of the Rental Agreement.
Rental Agreement. A rental agreement must be prepared for each Renter who rents a vehicle under this Contract. Additional terms and conditions contained in Contractor’s rental agreement that conflict with the Contract are invalid.
Rental Agreement. Each Renter/User must complete a Rental Agreement. The Agreement specifically identifies the required fees and the terms and conditions of said use. Adherence to all requirements outlined in this Policy is a condition of the Rental Agreement and is made a part thereof. User groups must reapply on a seasonal or annual basis as needed. Payment of any initial fees or deposit is required upon approval of the Rental Agreement. Any agreements without prompt payment will not reserve the premises.
Rental Agreement. These terms and conditions, and the purchase order and any addenda attached hereto, constitute a Rental Agreement (hereinafter, the “Agreement”) or bailment of the Props and is not a sale or the creation of a security interest. Lessee will not have, or at any time acquire, any right, title, or interest in the Props, except the right to possession and use as provided for herein. Lessor will at all times be the sole owner of the Props (or the authorized agent for the owner).
Rental Agreement. Texas, dated June 14, 2006, between Sovran Acquisition Limited Partnership (Uncle Bob’s Self Storage), as landlord, and Thermon Manufacturing Company, as tenant; Lease Addendum Insurance Requirement; Rental Agreement Addendum dated June 15, 2006 (Unit 419) as amended by that certain Monthly Rent Adjustment, dated July 25, 2009.
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Rental Agreement. 1.1 The BBC grants a licence to the Customer to occupy the Berth or location during the term of the Agreement on the terms and conditions of the Agreement, and the Customer agrees to accept the same.
Rental Agreement. To reserve a facility, a Facility Rental Agreement must be completed, signed and returned to the Parks & Recreation Department. Facility Rental Agreements are available at the Ben Robertson Community Center and on the City web site at The deposit is refundable if, and only when, the facility is left clean and there is no damage to furnishings or equipment. If damage occurs and the cost of the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the rental applicant will be billed for any additional expense. Damages could lead to losing facility use privileges. The decision of whether the deposit shall be refunded is solely up to the Parks & Recreation Department and will not be refunded until the facility has been inspected by City personnel.