After Sample Clauses

After. May 1, 2019 either party may give written notice to the other party of its desire to submit resolution of the salary adjustment to interest arbitration before a three-member panel comprised of a nominee of both parties and Xxxxx Xxxxx,
After timely delivery of a petition for alternative dispute resolution, the parties may employ any dispute resolution procedures described in the exhibits or other attachments, or mutually agree to an alternative binding or nonbinding dispute resolution process, the terms of which shall be reduced to writing and executed by both parties.
After a Change in Control has occurred, the Employer shall honor the Employee's exercise of the Employee's outstanding stock options and any other stock related rights, in accordance with this Employment Agreement. After a Change in Control has occurred and the Employee's employment is terminated as a result thereof, the Employee (or his designated beneficiary or personal representative(s) shall also receive, except to the extent already paid pursuant to Section 9(c)(i) hereof or otherwise, the sums the Employee would otherwise have received (whether under this Agreement, by law or otherwise) by reason of termination of employment as if a Change of Control had not occurred.
After. Tax Rate -------------- The After-Tax Rate is the percentage that is the remainder after the subtraction from (i) 100 percent of (ii) the effective marginal tax rate applicable to the Employee on the date as of which a calculation is being made. The Company shall determine the effective marginal tax rate applicable to the Employee as of the calculation date, taking into account federal, state, and local income tax rates; the hospital insurance tax rate under the Federal Insurance Contribution Act; the deduction (for income tax purposes) for state and local income taxes; and no income other than income attributable to the Company. An amount shall be converted to an after-tax amount by multiplying it by the After-Tax Rate in effect for the calculation date.
After. 31 December 2019, where there is a shortage of space and unbundling of layer one point to multi-point fibre has occurred, the LFC will give priority for Footprints to Service Providers interconnecting with layer one point-to-multi-point fibre. Testing
After. 1 February in any given academic year (or after 1 June if your programme starts in January), where you fail to make the necessary programme fee payment(s) in accordance with the remainder of your relevant published payment plan, the University will notify you in writing and give you 5 working daysnotice to settle your outstanding account balance. Where you fail to make good your outstanding balance within 5 working days, the University will seek to apply sanctions as prescribed in paragraph 7.1.
After. 31 December 2007 or after the date of entry into force of this multiannual financial framework, whichever is the later, balances from the Ninth EDF or from previous EDFs and funds decommitted from projects under these EDFs shall no longer be committed, unless the Council of the European Union decides otherwise by unanimity, with the exception of the balances and funds decommitted after the date of entry into force resulting from the system guaranteeing the stabilisation of export earnings from primary agricultural products (STABEX) under the EDFs prior to the Ninth EDF, and the remaining balances and reimbursements of the amounts allocated for the financing of the Investment Facility, excluding the related interest rate subsidies. The funds possibly committed after 31 December 2007 until the entry into force of this Agreement, as referred to above, will be used exclusively to ensure the working ability of the EU administration and to cover the ongoing costs to sustain running projects until the 10th EDF comes into force.
After a motor vehicle accident, involving either a City vehicle or a personal vehicle being used on City business, in which there is a fatality, or in which there is a citation issued to the City employee, or from which a vehicle is towed from the scene, or in which someone is medically treated away from the scene.
After. Developer acquires and for so long as Developer owns an interest in the Project Property, Developer agrees to obtain Commercial General Liability insurance covering the Project Property in the amount of at least $2,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage. If Commercial General Liability Insurance or other form with a general aggregate limit is used, the general aggregate limit shall be increased to equal twice the required occurrence limit or revised to apply separately to each project or location.
After any Security has become enforceable, the Trustee shall, if it has actual knowledge of the same, act promptly to exercise its rights under any bank mandate relating to a Issuer Account in respect of which it is a beneficiary of a trust declared over such account to prevent monies representing Secured Property being paid from such Issuer Account to a bank account which is not a Issuer Account and which was overdrawn at the close of business on the preceding Business Day (unless the Trustee shall have received evidence satisfactory to it that such overdraft has been satisfied). The Trustee shall cease to exercise such rights at such time as the relevant bank account ceases to be overdrawn.