Consistently Sample Clauses

Consistently with the provisions of this Agreement, each Party shall, in the preparation and application of laws, regulations and procedures affecting government procurement, facilitate increased imports from developing countries, bearing in mind the special problems of least-developed countries and of those countries at low stages of economic development. Coverage
Consistently with the principles and spirit of the Shareholders’ Agreement and of the Framework Agreement, executed in order to allow Telco to comply with its obligations under the existing credit facilities and to refinance its financial indebtedness, each of the Parties agrees that, in proportion to its New Shareholding in Telco, it will endeavor to support Telco and, in particular, to make available to Telco the funds necessary to avoid or cure any possible default under the New Refinancing Facility (the “Cash Injection”). The Parties agree to start a negotiation in this respect with sufficient time in advance. Such Cash Injection shall be made (aa) through a shareholders loan or any other appropriate financial instruments agreed among the Parties, and in any case (bb) within the timeframe provided for under the New Refinancing Facility to prevent the foreclosure and subsequent appropriation or sale by the Senior Lenders of the Pledged Shares (the “Foreclosure of the Pledge”), provided that (cc) each Party shall be allowed to propose to finance its Cash Injection through an issue of bonds by Telco with mechanics consistent with those agreed under the Framework Agreement and, to the extent available within the timeframe above under (bb) above, through a fully funded bridge loan, and that in such case all Parties (acting exclusively in their capacity as Telco’s shareholders) shall endeavor to cooperate to allow such financing. The Parties acknowledge and agree that their agreement to endeavor to support Telco’s financial indebtedness pursuant to the terms and conditions set out in this Amendment Agreement (i) is only among the Parties acting exclusively in their capacity as Telco’s shareholders, (ii) is not in favor of Telco nor in favor of any third interested party (including but not limited to the lenders of Telco) and (iii) in case of breach, is only sanctioned in accordance with the provisions set out in the following articles 3 and 4, which constitute the sole and exclusive remedy for such a breach, also pursuant to Article 1382, first paragraph of the Italian Civil Code.
Consistently. Gamesa undertakes to continue working on its goal of zero incidents wherever it conducts its activities, and to extending ISO 14001 certification processes to all places where activity reaches a level deemed sufficient.

Related to Consistently

  • Consistent with Section 1 hereof, the Trust shall use its best efforts to qualify and maintain the qualification of the Shares for sale under the securities laws of such jurisdictions as the Placement Agent and the Trust may approve. Any such qualification may be withheld, terminated or withdrawn by the Trust at any time in its discretion. The expense of qualification and maintenance of qualification shall be borne by the Trust. The Placement Agent shall furnish such information and other material relating to its affairs and activities as may be required by the Trust in connection with such qualification.

  • Accounting Practices All matters concerning this FuturesAccess Fund’s accounting practices shall be determined by the Sponsor on a fair and equitable basis, and all such determinations shall be final and conclusive as to all Investors. However, the Sponsor shall be under no obligation whatsoever to make any deviations from the allocations set forth in this Article II. In reporting Net Asset Values to Investors and third parties on an interim basis, the Sponsor shall be entitled to accrue fees and payments due at the end of a period as if such fees or payments were due (on a pro rata basis, if appropriate) as of the end of an interim period within such period.

  • Consistent Treatment Unless and until there has been a Final Determination to the contrary, each Party agrees not to take any position on any Tax Return, in connection with any Tax Contest or otherwise that is inconsistent with (i) the treatment of payments between the Parent Group and the SpinCo Group as set forth in Section 5.4, (ii) the Tax Materials or (iii) the Intended Tax Treatment.

  • Accounting Principles Where the character or amount of any asset or liability or item of income or expense is required to be determined or any consolidation or other accounting computation is required to be made for the purposes of this Agreement, the same shall be done in accordance with GAAP, to the extent applicable, except where such principles are inconsistent with the requirements of this Agreement.

  • Tax Accounting Practices (a) Except as provided in Section 3.03(b), any Tax Return for any Pre-Distribution Tax Period, to the extent it relates to members of the SpinCo Group, shall be prepared in accordance with practices, accounting methods, elections, conventions and Tax positions used with respect to the Tax Return in question for periods prior to the Distribution (“Past Practices”), and, in the case of any item the treatment of which is not addressed by Past Practices, in accordance with generally acceptable Tax accounting practices. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for any Tax Return described in the preceding sentence, (i) a Company will not be required to follow Past Practices with either the written consent of the other Company (not to be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned) or a “more likely than not” (or stronger) level opinion from a Tax Advisor that the proposed method of reporting is correct and (ii) Parent shall have the right to determine which entities will be included in any consolidated, combined, affiliated or unitary Tax Return that it is responsible for filing.

  • Consistent Application The Employer agrees that management rights will not be exercised in a manner inconsistent with the express provisions of this Agreement.

  • Unfair Business Practices Contractor represents and warrants that it has not been the subject of allegations of Deceptive Trade Practices violations under Chapter 17 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code, or allegations of any unfair business practice in any administrative hearing or court suit and that Contractor has not been found to be liable for such practices in such proceedings. Contractor certifies that it has no officers who have served as officers of other entities who have been the subject of allegations of Deceptive Trade Practices violations or allegations of any unfair business practices in an administrative hearing or court suit and that such officers have not been found to be liable for such practices in such proceedings.