Date Sample Clauses

Date. Whenever any payment due hereunder shall fall due on a day other than a Business Day, such payment shall be made on the next succeeding Business Day, and such extension of time shall be included in the computation of interest or fees, as the case may be.
Date. The date of this Warrant is set forth on page 1 hereof. This Warrant, in all events, shall be wholly void and of no effect after the close of business on the Expiration Date, except that notwithstanding any other provisions hereof, the provisions of Section 8(b) shall continue in full force and effect after such date as to any Warrant Shares or other securities issued upon the exercise of this Warrant.
Date. The terminal accounting date will be the earliest of: (1) the effective date of recapture pursuant to any notice of recapture given under this Agreement, (2) the effective date of termination pursuant to any notice of termination given under this Agreement, or (3) any other date mutually agreed to in writing.
Date. The date of the Executive’s termination of employment (“Date of Termination”) shall be determined as follows:
Date. The date when the contract comes into force is the one that appears in its header, as mentioned in the final paragraphs of the contract, before signatures (This Contract comes into force on the date written above). In some contracts -for example in the Supply Contract- the date of coming into force is also mentioned in one of the clauses. In these cases, you have to verify that the two dates inserted in the contract (in the heading and in the corresponding clause) are the same, in order to avoid discrepancies.
Date. 8 8 In accordance with Article 6.11h of the Standard Material Transfer Agreement, the option for this modality of payment will become operative only once notification has been provided by the Recipient to the Governing Body. The signed declaration opting for this modality of payment must be sent by the Recipient to the Governing Body at the following address, whichever method of acceptance of this Agreement (signature, shrink-wrap or click-wrap) has been chosen by the parties to this Agreement, and whether or not the Recipient has already indicated his acceptance of this option in accepting this Agreement itself: The Secretary, International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations I-00100 Rome, Italy The signed declaration must be accompanied by the following: • The date on which this Agreement was entered into; • The name and address of the Recipient and of the Provider;
Date. (iv) In the case of any combination of leases pursuant to this Section 40.18, such combination shall be effective on the date which is the earlier of (x) the date the required modifications and amendments to the Lease and Second Lease are fully executed and delivered by the parties thereto and (y) the date specified in the written notice from Lessor to Tenant requiring a combination of this Lease and the Second Lease as described above, which date shall be no sooner than ten (10) days, nor later than sixty (60) days, after the date such notice is issued.
Date. The date of this Non-Competition and Release Agreement (this “Release Agreement”) is ________________________, 20___ (the “Date of this Agreement”).
Date. (d) The Employer and practitioner may agree in writing that the amount payable to an approved special purpose account for hospital/departmental purposes shall be paid on a quarterly basis in which case uncertified quarterly statements in the above general form shall be provided. Any end-of-year adjustment shall be made by payment accompanying the certified annual statement.
Date. 2) Department (if the organization is departmentalized).