OR personnel definition

OR personnel means OR’s directors, executives, Management, and employees at all levels
OR personnel means director, executives and employees at any level.

Examples of OR personnel in a sentence

  • Either genuine or false Corruption accusation may defame OR personnel and OR reputation.

  • OR personnel shall perform with care in receiving and providing gift, assets or other benefit including hospitality and other expenses.

  • OR will not demote, punish or affect OR personnel who decline the Anti-Fraud and Corruption practices although such decline cause lost in business opportunities.

  • OR personnel must avoid all activities that may cause the Conflict of Interest with the Company.

  • OR personnel are prohibited to pay for convenience in a manner that may be perceived as giving or receiving a bribe, including any other similar benefits from government officials, both directly and indirectly.

  • OR personnel shall not commit or involve in the Fraud and Corruption; in both directly and indirectly forms of providing and accepting; and comply with the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy, Corporate Governance, Ethical Standards and Code of Business Ethics Handbook, regulations and relevant articles.

  • OR personnel shall never neglect or ignore any act of violation that is against the Company’s anti-fraud and corruption measures.

  • OR shall provide communication and training that genuinely educate OR personnel on the Anti-Fraud and Corruption measures, OR expectations and punishment for violation.

  • However, they must not use their position as OR personnel, nor any assets indicating OR for political activities participation that may cause the Company to lose their political neutrality.

Related to OR personnel

  • Personnel means persons hired by the Consultant or by any Subconsultant as employees and assigned to the performance of the Services or any part thereof; “Foreign Personnel” means such persons who at the time of being so hired had their domicile outside the Government’s country; “Local Personnel” means such persons who at

  • Company Personnel means the personnel to be provided by the Company. The Representative/Engineer of the Company are also included in the Company's personnel. The Company’s Representative/Engineer means the person or persons appointed and approved from time to time by the Company to act on its behalf for overall co-ordination and project management at site.

  • Investment Personnel of the Adviser means (i) any employee of the Adviser (or of any company in a control relationship to the Adviser) who, in connection with his or her regular functions or duties, makes or participates in making recommendations regarding the purchase or sale of securities by an Investment Company or (ii) any natural person who controls the Adviser and who obtains information concerning recommendations made to an Investment Company regarding the purchase or sale of securities by an Investment Company.

  • Training means the reasonable costs associated with training and workshop participation under the Project, consisting of travel and subsistence costs for training participants, costs associated with securing the services of trainers, rental of training facilities, preparation and reproduction of training materials, and other costs directly related to course or workshop preparation and implementation.