THE DIRECTORS Sample Clauses

THE DIRECTORS. Xxxxx Perrry Xxxxx, Jr. Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xxx Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Plato All of 0000 Xxxxx, Suite 1450, Houston, Texas 77010, United States of America EXECUTED-by RESACA EXPLOITATION, INC. ) acting by:-. ) ) Director ) ) ) Director/Secretary ) EXECUTED by XXXXXXX XXXXXX LIMITED ) acting by:- ) ) Director ) Illegible ) ) Director/Secretary ) Illegible EXECUTED-by RESACA EXPLOITATION, INC. ) acting by:-. ) ) Director Xxxx Xxxxxxx III ) ) ) Secretary Xxxx Xxx Xxx ) EXECUTED by XXXXXXX XXXXXX LIMITED ) acting by:- ) ) Director ) ) ) Director/Secretary )
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THE DIRECTORS of First Omaha Funds shall cause the officers and employees of First Omaha Funds, the adviser, legal counsel, independent accountants, custodian and transfer agent and other agents and representatives of the Funds to cooperate with the Administrator and to provide the Administrator, upon request, with such information, documents and advice relating to the Funds as is within the possession or knowledge of such persons, in order to enable the Administrator to perform its duties hereunder. In connection with its duties hereunder, the Administrator shall be entitled to rely, shall not be liable or responsible for any losses resulting from its reliance, and shall be held harmless by the Funds when acting in reliance, upon the instruction, advice, information or any documents relating to the Funds provided to the Administrator by any of the aforementioned persons or their representatives. Fees charged by such persons shall be an expense of the Funds. The Administrator shall be entitled to rely on any document which it reasonably believes to be genuine and to have been signed or presented by the proper party. The Administrator shall not be held to have notice of any change of authority of any officer, agent or employee of First Omaha Funds until receipt of written notice thereof from First Omaha Funds.
THE DIRECTORS. SCHEDULE 4......................................................................* TENANCY..........................................................................*
THE DIRECTORS in the first meeting of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, after the appointment by the general meeting of shareholders, elect the president of this body.
THE DIRECTORS. The Directors of the Homeowners Association referred to in paragraph 22 below.
THE DIRECTORS. EXECUTION PAGE SIGNED for and on behalf of ) /s/ Steven E. Fivel BRIGHTPOINT INTERNATIONAL ) Steven X. Xxxxx (XXXX PACIFIC) PTE. LIMITED ) Directxx xx xxx xxxxxnce of: ) SIGNED for and on behalf of ) /s/ John Maclean-Arnott CHINATRON GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED ) Joxx Xxxxxxx-Xxxxxx xn the presence of: ) /x/ APPENDIX A CHINATRON SHAREHOLDERS' AGREEMENT APPENDIX B CLASS B PREFERENCE SHARE TERMS APPENDIX C BRIGHTPOINT SHAREHOLDERS' AGREEMENT APPENDIX D EXERCISE NOTICE [Date] To : [The Vendor] [Address] Dear Sirs, PURCHASE OF SHARES IN BRIGHTPOINT CHINA LIMITED (THE "COMPANY") We refer to the sale and Purchase Agreement dated [ ] (the "Agreement") between ourselves. Terms defined in that Agreement shall have the same meaning when used herein. Pursuant to Clause 8 of the Agreement, we hereby give you notice of the exercise of the Option in respect of, and hereby require you to transfer to us, the Option Shares: No. of Option Shares --------------------------------------------------------- Name of transferee --------------------------------------------------------- Address of transferee --------------------------------------------------------- Completion time --------------------------------------------------------- (this should be not less than 3 nor more than 7 business days after the date of this notice) Completion place --------------------------------------------------------- Yours faithfully, For and on behalf of [Purchaser] APPENDIX A DATED THE 18TH DAY OF JANUARY, 2002 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SHAREHOLDERS' AGREEMENT IN RELATION TO CHINATRON GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED ---------------------------------------------------------------------- AMONG
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THE DIRECTORS. The Board of Directors currently consists of five members. The business address for the Directors is 00 Xxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX, X.X. Set out below are the names, ages and positions of the Directors. Save for the B Director who is not subject to annual re-election but who may be replaced at any time by the Trustee acting on the instructions of the holders of the A Shares (other than Njord Luxco and its affiliates), each Director holds office for a two year term or until his successor has been duly elected and qualified, except in the event of his death, resignation, removal or the earlier termination of his term of office. At the end of the two year term a Director may seek re-election. Table 39: Directors Name Age Position Year Appointed as TORM plc Director Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx (1)(4)(5)(6)(7) 45 Chairman 2015 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx (2) (5)(6)(8)(9) 56 Deputy Chairman 2015 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx (2)(4)(5)(6)(7) 69 Non-Executive Director 2015 Xxx Xxxxx Xxxxx (1)(4)(7) 54 Non-Executive Director 2015 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx (3) 47 Executive Director 2015 Notes:
THE DIRECTORS. Section 3.1.
THE DIRECTORS. Name Address --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Zwi Williger 3 Nahal Snir Street Xxxxx 00000 Xxxxxx --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Joseph Williger 3 Nahal Snir Street Xxxxx 00000 Xxxxxx --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Gil Hochboim 3 Nahal Snir Street Yavne 81100 Xxxxxx --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- IN WITNESS hereof the parties have executed this agreement as their deed on the date set out at the beginning. EXECUTED AND DELIVERED AS A DEED ) BY GOLD FROST LTD ) acting by: ) ------------------- Director ------------------- Director/Secretary EXECUTED AND DELIVERED AS A DEED ) BY G WILLI-FOOD INTERNATIONAL LTD ) acting by: ) ------------------- Director ------------------- Director/Secretary EXECUTED AND DELIVERED AS A DEED ) BY CORPORATE SYNERGY PLC ) acting by ) ------------------- Director ------------------- Director/Secretary EXECUTED AND DELIVERED AS A DEED BY Zwi Williger in the presence of: ------------------- EXECUTEX XXX XXXXXXRED AS A DEED BY Joseph Williger in the presence of: ------------------- EXECXXXX XXX XXXXXXRED AS A DEED BY Gil Hochboim in the presence of:
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