Time Cards Sample Clauses

Time Cards. Employees may be required to complete their own time cards and submit them to their respective Supervisor. The supervisors shall be responsible for completing the time card for an absent employee. Employees are to be notified on the following working day of changes made to their time cards.
Time Cards. 12:27 Employees shall be notified prior to payday or sooner if possible, of changes to their time cards. The exact change shall also be explained. Absence of Lead Hand:
Time Cards. As in Article 9 of Appendix "A".
Time Cards. Time cards and/or attendance sheets shall be completed for the purpose of recording overtime, special assignment hours, remediation or modification of regular assignment only.
Time Cards. The Co-operative shall supply a time sheet and each employee shall daily xxxx down his or her own time in full.
Time Cards. Each Employee will be required to punch his own time card or sign in the attendance log with their own signature showing the exact time of signing.
Time Cards. All employees' work time and leaves will be reported on a time card provided by the District.
Time Cards. Each employee's time card shall be filled out daily and shall be signed depending on the timekeeping medium used (paper or electronic), as required by departmental practices, but no later than the last day of the pay period.
Time Cards. All non-exempt employees shall complete a time card. The time card shall be turned into the supervisor.
Time Cards. Time cards for affected EMPLOYEES shall reflect the appropriate work schedule and work week in order to maintain compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.