Light Sample Clauses

Light. This Lease does not grant any rights to light, view or air over adjacent properties. Any diminution of elimination of light, view or air by any structure which may be erected on property adjacent to the Premises shall not be a breach of, and shall not affect the rights and obligations of, the parties under this Lease.
Light. Target operating standard is approximately 500 lux measured at a height of 600 mm off the floor with a minimum level of 200 lux by way of suspended or ceiling-mounted light fittings.
Light. 5. Full right and liberty at any time hereafter and from time to time to execute works and erections upon or to alter or rebuild any of the buildings erected on the Landlord’s adjoining and neighbouring lands and to use such adjoining and neighbouring lands and buildings now or hereafter erected thereon in such manner as it shall think fit notwithstanding that the access of light and air to the premises may thereby be interfered with but not so that the Tenant’s use, enjoyment and occupation of the Premises is materially affected.
Light up to 2 dishwasher cycles and cooker (hob or oven) NOT used. Standard: up to 6 dishwasher cycles and use of EITHER hob OR oven for up to 2 hours within the 5 hour period. Heavy: multiple dishwasher cycles and use of EITHER hob OR oven OR both for more than 2 hours within the 5 hour period. Intensive: an established business in full production.
Light. Work is primarily sedentary with unrestricted movement and limited physical exertion, for example: • Keyboarding, writingDrivingLifting/carrying up to 5 kg.
Light. Rail Station - To encourage transit usage by employees and ------------------ visitors to the site, a new station on the Tasman West light-rail line will be constructed as part of the proposed project. The new station will be located on Xxxxxxx Park Drive, immediately adjacent to the project site. The site design will include convenient pedestrian access from the new station to the project buildings. In addition to serving the employees at the Xxxxxxx Park Office Project, the new station will also serve roughly 4,000 employees at nearby sites.
Light. The Landowner shall be entitled at any time to alter the layout of the Landowner’s Property and to erect, rebuild and alter as the Landowner may think fit any buildings within it even where the same may obstruct, affect or interfere with the Grower’s use of the Gardening Space or the passage of light and air to the Gardening Space.
Light. This EA Service Class (“Light Service Class”) will be for Flight Services (“Light Class Flights”) utilizing Light Class Aircraft operated by Other Air Carriers.
Light colored blinds, fully drawn, with slats at 45(degree) angle coincident with peak sun load;
Light. There shall be a 2” red LED hazard light installed as specified. • The light shall be located center overhead. Door Ajar Alarm An audible alarm shall be provided through the V-Mux display in the cab wired into the door ajar or indicator. Directional Traffic Warning Light One (1) Whelen TAL65 LED 36” long Traffic Advisor with amber lenses shall be provided. • The directional bar shall include a TACTLD1 control head. The control head shall include a remote flash control and end lamp enable/disable feature. • The light shall be installed at the rear of the body on the specified swing-arm, to direct traffic around the vehicle. • The directional light bar control head shall be located in the center overhead.