Completion of the Work Sample Clauses

Completion of the Work. 83.1. The Commissioner, after declaring the Contractor in default, may then have the Work completed by such means and in such manner, by contract with or without public letting, or otherwise, as he/she may deem advisable, utilizing for such purpose such of the Contractor’s plant, materials, equipment, tools and supplies remaining on the Site, and also such Subcontractors, as he/she may deem advisable.
Completion of the Work. In addition, if the Contract is terminated for cause, PHB may complete the work either itself or by agreement with another subrecipient, or by a combination thereof. In the event the cost of completing the work exceeds the amount actually paid to Subrecipient hereunder plus the remaining unpaid balance of the compensation provided herein, then Subrecipient shall pay to PHB the amount of excess. Allowable costs shall be determined in accordance with 24 CFR 85.43(c).
Completion of the Work. The term “Completion of the Work” shall mean the date upon which all of the following shall have occurred, as acknowledged by Purchaser in writing:
Completion of the Work. The CONTRACTOR shall complete the Work within the time specified in the order, or as extended by written order.
Completion of the Work. 9.9.1 Close-Out Procedures
Completion of the Work. In the event of any termination for a Contractor Event of Default, Owner may, at its option and at its expense, finish the Work by whatever method Owner reasonably deems expedient; provided, however, that, as Contractor’s sole liability on account of such termination, Contractor shall be liable to Owner for the reasonable costs of cover and transitioning the Work to the Replacement Contractor. Owner shall be entitled to withhold payments which Contractor determines are due to it prior to the date of termination, along with other amounts for which Contractor is entitled to compensation under Section 13.4.1, until completion of the Work and determination by Owner that Contractor is entitled to such payments. Any amounts not paid hereunder if ultimately due shall bear interest at the Late Payment Rate. Owner may in its discretion employ the Replacement Contractor to finish the Work by whatever method or means Owner in its discretion may deem expeditious; provided, however, that the balance of Work will be completed utilizing reasonable methods of construction management and construction consistent, to the maximum feasible extent, with the Project Schedule and as otherwise provided herein. In the event that any termination of this Agreement by Owner because of a Contractor Event of Default pursuant to Section 13.2 is later adjudicated to have been improper, then Contractor shall be entitled to recover such amounts as Contractor is entitled to under Section 13.1.
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Completion of the Work. 1. The work to be performed under this contract shall be completed as requested, unless Vendor can show just cause for the delay of completion and obtains an extension of time in writing from the Land Bank.
Completion of the Work. The Work shall be deemed to be complete (“Substantial Completion”) upon the earlier of the approval of the final inspection of the Premises the appropriate building inspector, the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy by the applicable governmental authority, or the approval of the Premises by Owner’s lending institution. Owner agrees that the failure of Contractor to complete any pre-occupancy/walk-through item or other minor items not required by the appropriate governmental entity in order to issue a Certificate of Occupancy shall not be grounds to withhold payment from Contractor, nor shall Contractor be required to set up an escrow or to accept less than the full amount required hereunder because of such incomplete items, provided that Contractor undertakes in writing to complete such items within a reasonable time after receipt of the final progress payment. In the event an escrow is required by Owner’s lending institution, or a completion, performance, or similar bond is required by the appropriate governing authority, and the same relates to obligations of Owner, Owner’s agents or subcontractors or the requirements of Owner’s lending institution, then the funds necessary to establish the escrow or pay for the bond shall be provided by Owner; provided, however, nothing set forth within the preceding sentence is intended to require the Owner to provide funds for such escrow, or such completion, performance, or similar bond if the portion of the Work for which such escrow, or such completion, performance, or similar bond as required relates to items for which Owner has already heretofore paid Contractor.
Completion of the Work. Delay: Lessor shall use its best efforts to cause the Commencement Date of the initial term to occur not later than January 1, 2002. If the Commencement Date has not occurred by February 1, 2002, Lessee shall receive one day of base rent abatement for each day after February 1, 2002 until the Commencement Date. If Lessee is entitled to base rent abatement as provided in the preceding sentence, such abatement shall begin on the Commencement Date. Lessor and Lessee agree that having a Commencement Date after February 1, 2002 will cause Lessee and Lessor to incur costs not contemplated by this Lease, the exact amount of which will be extremely difficult to ascertain. Accordingly, the parties hereby agree that Lessee's right to the abatement of base rent specified herein represents a fair and reasonable settlement for both parties and neither party shall have further liability to the other for any damages. If the Commencement Date has not occurred by February 1, 2002, Lessee may at its sole option, by written notice to Lessor, have the right to terminate this Lease at any time
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