Additionally Sample Clauses

Additionally the School shall comply with those statutes that specifically apply to charter schools as set forth in section 1002.33 generally, subsection 1002.33(16), and other applicable State laws. The School agrees that it will abide by all Federal and State laws, statutes, rules, and regulations applicable to charter schools and also abide by the terms and conditions of the Charter.
Additionally the full range of Management Services as described in this Agreement shall be applicable with respect to the items identified as Medical Group Costs in Section 5.7 hereof, except that such Medical Group Costs shall be paid by the Medical Group rather than by the Management Company. Accordingly, the Management Company shall provide accounting, bookkeeping, and related services with respect to all such costs.
Additionally pursuant to the conflict of interest requirements in OMB Circular A-102 and 24 C.F.R. §85.36(b)(3), no person who is an employee, agent, consultant, officer, or appointed official of the CHA and who exercises or has exercised any functions or responsibilities with respect to HUD assisted activities, or who is in a position to participate in a decision making process or gain inside information with regard to HUD activities, may obtain a financial interest or benefit from the activity, or have an interest in any contract, subcontract, or agreement with respect thereto, or the proceeds hereunder, either for himself or herself or for those whom he or she has family or business ties, during his or her tenure or for one year thereafter.
Additionally if by reason of any claims referred to in Paragraph 25.B., Licensee is precluded from selling any stock of Articles or utilizing any materials in Licensee's possession or which come into Licensee's possession by reason of any required recall, Disney shall be obligated to purchase such Articles and materials from Licensee at their out-of-pocket cost to Licensee, excluding overheads, but Disney shall have no other responsibility or liability with respect to such Articles or materials.
Additionally a late fee of $25.00 will be assessed for any payment which is not received when due. A $100.00 late fee will be assessed if semester bill is not paid in full by final due date.
Additionally the Client’s authority may be deemed to be renewed (i.e. without the Client’s consent) if the Company issues the Client a reminder at least 14 days prior to the expiry of the authority, and the Client does not object to such deemed renewal before the expiry date of the then existing authority.
Additionally the Guarantor unconditionally and irrevocably guarantees the payment of any and all Guaranteed Obligations of the Borrower to the Secured Creditors whether or not due or payable by the Borrower upon the occurrence in respect of the Borrower of any of the events specified in Section 9.1(e) of the Amended and Restated Credit Agreement, and unconditionally and irrevocably, promises to pay such Guaranteed Obligations to the Secured Creditors, or order, on demand, in lawful money of the United States.
Additionally your authority may be deemed to be renewed (i.e. without your written consent) if GCSL issues you a reminder at least 14 days prior to the expiry of the authority, and you do not object to such deemed renewal before the expiry date of your then existing authority. 此外,假如大中華證券在有關授權的期限屆滿前最少 14 日向閣下發出有關授權將被視為已續期的提示,而閣下對於在有關授權的期限屆滿前以此方式將該授權延續不表示反對,則閣下的授權將會在沒有閣下的書面同意下被視為已續期。
Additionally any Supply Bond is automatically released upon Delivery of Products as defined in Section 8.1 and in compliance with Section 8.2., in proportion to the delivered products to the Product Quantity. Any Supply Bond will be released in full upon delivery of the Product Quantity under this Agreement and defined in Section 8.1 and in compliance with Section 8.2.