Promises to Pay Sample Clauses

Promises to Pay. Borrower promises to pay to Lender when due, whether by normal maturity, acceleration or otherwise, the entire outstanding principal amount of the Revolving Credit, together with interest, and all other amounts payable by Borrower to Lender hereunder, including costs of collection.
Promises to Pay. FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned promises to pay to the order of SAN XXXXXXX UNIVERSITY, a Florida Corporation, the principal sum of $ 40,800 paid in accordance with the OptionMethod of Payment selected below being payable on the dates and in the amounts specified below (payable by cash, check or credit card) (Please initial box next to payment option selected) OPTION 1: Full Payment at the signing enrollment agreement. Total of $ Option 2: Payment by semester in the amount of: $ the first 5 days of each semester OPTION 3: Monthly Installments in the amount of: $ _1,275 _ every first 5 days of the month These options are available to all students TERMS OF PAYMENT NUMBER OF PAYMENTS AMOUNT PER PAYMENT DUE DATES Tuition: $ 40,800 Application Fee: $ 80 Graduation Fee: $ 120 Total Tuition Cost: $_41,000 32 $1,275 first 5 days of the month staring on 01/05/2019 TERMS OF AGREEMENT: This agreement covers a tuition period of semesters. Each semester is 15 weeks in length and 16 weeks for the Culinary Arts Program. And the program’s estimated time of completion is 5 semesters. Terms of payment indicated are for the length of the program. The student is responsible for the payment of the Semester Tuition. Late fees may be assessed to past due balances. You may prepay the unpaid balance at any time. The student’s transcript and degree will be withheld until all fees and financial obligations have been met. There will be a late fee penalty of $ 50.00 when monthly tuition payments are not paid on the due date. (First FIVE days of each month) Any and all payments must be made in United States currency in immediately available funds in care of SAN XXXXXXX UNIVERSITY 00000 XX 00xx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Doral, FL 33178 I, understand that I will be a student of San Xxxxxxx University and that I will be charged tuition and fees at rates establish from time to time by the University and published in the catalog. The tuition and fees charges stated above will not change, provided that the Student starts classes as scheduled and continues without interruption. Tuition rates may also vary depending on a student’s enrollment status. Tuition is billed on a payment period basis (the terms “payment period” and
Promises to Pay. Promises to Pay are obtained when a Credit Analyst has worked with the customer and they have provided a check number, check amount, and date sent. This information is to be noted in SAP and tracked in Outlook for follow up within [omitted] after date payment sent. Promises to Pay should also be a considering factor for decisions to release held orders. Clean / Dirty Receivables and Disputes: Analysts are currently working all open items on accounts to collect, resolve, credit, etc. Escalation Process: [omitted] Lennox Industries 7 Credit Policy Escalation Exception Process: In the instance that sales deems a customer should be exempt from the escalation process, the standard form must be filled out and signed by the BU VP Sales, BU VP/GM, and the BU Controller. The form dictates sales volume, account history and the action plan for resolving the accounts issues while they are exempt from escalation. The form must also state the course of action if the customer defaults beyond the agreement.
Promises to Pay. The Borrower promises to pay to the Bank in --------------- accordance with the terms of this Agreement and on the dates specified herein, subject to acceleration under Section VIII, all monetary Obligations hereunder.
Promises to Pay. For value received, Tenant promises to pay to Landlord, at the address to which Tenant pays rent under the Lease, a principal sum equal to the Obligation, in legal and lawful money of the Untied States of America, with interest on the outstanding principal from the date the Obligation is incurred, until paid, at the rates set out below. Interest will be computed on a per annum basis of a year of 360 days and for the actual number of days elapsed, unless such calculation would result in a rate greater than the highest rate permitted by applicable law, in which case interest shall be computed on a per annum basis of a year of 365 days or 366 days in a leap year, as the case may be.
Promises to Pay. Borrower promises to pay to Lender A the amount advanced by Lender A and interest thereon and all other amounts due and payable pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the other Loan Documents. Borrower promises to pay to Lender B the amount advanced by Lender B and interest thereon and all other amounts due and payable pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the other Loan Documents. In addition, Borrower promises to pay to Lender B the Participation Amount pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Promises to Pay. 12 2.16 Authorization to Debit Loan Account................................ 12 2.17

Related to Promises to Pay

  • Promise to Pay Borrower hereby unconditionally promises to pay Bank the outstanding principal amount of all Credit Extensions and accrued and unpaid interest thereon as and when due in accordance with this Agreement.

  • Agreement to Pay When you use your Card or Credit Card account, or when you permit anyone to use it, you agree to pay the amount of any and all Purchases or Cash Advances (including Purchases and/or Cash Advances which may have been made in violation of this Agreement), FINANCE CHARGES (including but not limited to interest, Foreign Transaction Fees, Cash Advance, Balance Transfer and Convenience Check Transaction Fees), late charges, membership fees, and other fees that may become due as shown on the periodic statement. If we accept a payment from you in excess of your outstanding balance, your available Revolve Line will not be increased by the amount of the overpayment nor will we be required to authorize transactions for an amount in excess of your Revolve Line.

  • Obligation to Pay The originally executed obligation to pay or similar agreement evidencing the obligation of the consumer under a Sharia Mortgage Loan, together with any modification thereto. Officers' Certificate: A certificate signed by the Chairman of the Board, the President or a Vice President or Assistant Vice President, or a Director or Managing Director, and by the Treasurer, the Secretary, or one of the Assistant Treasurers or Assistant Secretaries of the Company or the Master Servicer, as the case may be, and delivered to the Trustee, as required by this Agreement.

  • Covenant to Pay 11.1.1 The Issuer will on any Payment Date (or any other due date pursuant to any Finance Document) unconditionally pay to or to the order of the Bond Trustee all amounts due under this Bond Agreement or any other Finance Document.

  • Pay As compensation for the services provided, the Employee shall be paid dollars ($ ) ☐ per hour ☐ salary on an annual basis (“Compensation”). The Compensation is a gross amount that is subject to all local, State, Federal, and any other taxes and deductions as prescribed by law. Payment shall be distributed to the Employee on a ☐ weekly ☐ bi-weekly ☐ monthly ☐ quarterly ☐ annual basis.

  • Covenant to Pay Costs Whether or not the transactions contemplated by this Agreement are consummated or this Agreement is terminated, to pay all costs, expenses, fees and taxes in connection with (i) the preparation and filing of the Registration Statement, each Preliminary Prospectus, the Prospectus, each Permitted Free Writing Prospectus and any amendments or supplements thereto, and the printing and furnishing of copies of each thereof to the Underwriters, counsel for the Underwriters and dealers (including costs of mailing and shipment), (ii) the registration, issuance, sale and delivery of the Notes including any stock or transfer taxes and stamp or similar duties payable upon the sale, issuance or delivery of the Notes to the Underwriters, (iii) the producing, word processing and/or printing of this Agreement, any agreement among underwriters, any dealer agreements, any powers of attorney and any closing documents (including compilations thereof) and the reproduction and/or printing and furnishing of copies of each thereof to the Underwriters and (except closing documents) to dealers (including costs of mailing and shipment), (iv) the qualification of the Notes for offering and sale under state or foreign laws and the determination of their eligibility for investment under state or foreign law (including the legal fees and filing fees and other disbursements of counsel for the Underwriters) and the printing and furnishing of copies of any blue sky surveys or legal investment surveys to the Underwriters and to dealers, (v) the registration of the Notes under the Exchange Act, (vi) any filing for review of the public offering of the Notes by FINRA, but not including the legal fees and other disbursements of counsel to the Underwriters relating to FINRA matters, (vii) the fees and disbursements of the Trustee for the Notes, (viii) the costs and expenses of the Western Gas Parties relating to presentations or meetings undertaken in connection with the marketing of the offering and sale of the Notes to prospective investors and the Underwriters’ sales forces, including, without limitation, expenses associated with the production of road show slides and graphics, fees and expenses of any consultants engaged in connection with the road show presentations, travel, lodging and other expenses incurred by the officers of the Western Gas Parties and any such consultants, and the cost of any aircraft chartered in connection with the road show, (ix) the costs and expenses of qualifying the Notes for inclusion in the book-entry settlement system of the DTC, (x) the preparation and filing of the Registration Statement, including any amendments thereto, and (xi) the performance of the Western Gas Parties’ other obligations hereunder.

  • Rights to Payment Each right to payment and each instrument, document, chattel paper and other agreement constituting or evidencing Collateral or other collateral covered by the Security Documents is (or, in the case of all future Collateral or such other collateral, will be when arising or issued) the valid, genuine and legally enforceable obligation, subject to no defense, setoff or counterclaim, of the account debtor or other obligor named therein or in the Borrower's records pertaining thereto as being obligated to pay such obligation.

  • FAILURE TO PAY PREMIUMS The payment of reinsurance premiums is a condition precedent to the liability of the Reinsurer for reinsurance covered by this Agreement. In the event that reinsurance premiums are not paid within sixty (60) days of the Remittance Date, the Reinsurer will have the right to terminate the reinsurance under all policies having reinsurance premiums in arrears. If the Reinsurer elects to exercise its right of termination, it will give the Ceding Company thirty (30) days written notice of its intention. Such notice will be sent by certified mail in the manner specified in Article 13.6. If all reinsurance premiums in arrears, including any that become in arrears during the thirty (30) day notice period, are not paid before the expiration of the notice period, the Reinsurer will be relieved of all liability under those policies as of the last date for which premiums have been paid for each policy. Reinsurance on policies on which reinsurance premiums subsequently fall due will automatically terminate as of the last date for which premiums have been paid for each policy, unless reinsurance premiums on those policies are paid before their Remittance Dates. Terminated reinsurance may be reinstated, subject to approval by the Reinsurer, and upon payment of all reinsurance premiums in arrears including any interest accrued thereon. The Reinsurer will have no liability for any claims incurred between the date of termination and the date of the reinstatement of the reinsurance. The right to terminate reinsurance will not prejudice the Reinsurer's right to collect premiums for the period during which reinsurance was in force prior to the expiration of the thirty (30) days notice. The Ceding Company will not force termination under the provisions of this Article solely to avoid the provisions of Article 12 - Recapture, or to transfer the reinsured policies to another reinsurer.

  • Conditions to Payment The obligation of Freddie Mac to pay any Transfer Amount and/or Return Reimbursement Amount and the obligation of the Trust to pay any Return Amount pursuant to Sections 2 and 3, respectively, shall be subject to the following conditions precedent:

  • Company’s Obligation to Pay Each Restricted Stock Unit represents the right to receive a Share on the date it vests. Unless and until the Restricted Stock Units will have vested in the manner set forth in Sections 3 or 4, Participant will have no right to payment of any such Restricted Stock Units. Prior to actual payment of any vested Restricted Stock Units, such Restricted Stock Units will represent an unsecured obligation of the Company, payable (if at all) only from the general assets of the Company. Any Restricted Stock Units that vest in accordance with Sections 3 or 4 will be paid to Participant (or in the event of Participant’s death, to his or her estate) in whole Shares, subject to Participant satisfying any applicable tax withholding obligations as set forth in Section 7. Subject to the provisions of Section 4, such vested Restricted Stock Units shall be paid in whole Shares as soon as practicable after vesting, but in each such case within the period sixty (60) days following the vesting date. In no event will Participant be permitted, directly or indirectly, to specify the taxable year of the payment of any Restricted Stock Units payable under this Award Agreement.