Annually Sample Clauses

Annually the School shall report its performance against the academic goals. If the School falls short of the academic achievement goals set forth under the provisions of this Charter the Sponsor shall report such shortcomings to the School’s Governing Board and FDOE.
Annually. Strip and Refinish of hard surface flooring (as applicable per location’s cleaning specifications) MILLSBORO VETERAN’S CEMETERY RD 5, X.X. XXX 000, XXXXXXXXX, XX 00000 JANITORIAL SPECIFICATIONS Weekly: (Wednesday) Empty and remove all trash Dust all horizontal surfaces Full vacuum Dust/damp all hard surfaces flooring Full clean of all restrooms Spot clean all indoor glass Spot clean all doors and full clean Door glass inside and out Brush out Chapel chairs Monthly: Dust window blinds Brush out office chairs 41. LEED CLEANING STANDARDS & FACILITIES Xxxxxxxxxx and Xxxxxxx building Green Cleaning Policy and Program Plan LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance July, 2013
Annually the Contractor shall submit to EOHHS a written statement including an executive summary of its MassHealth Marketing plans and a statement that all of its Marketing plans and Marketing Materials are accurate and do not mislead, confuse, or defraud Members or the state.