SHOP XXXXXXX Sample Clauses

SHOP XXXXXXX. (a) The Union may elect or appoint a Shop Xxxxxxx or Shop Stewards to represent the employees and the Union shall notify the Company as to the name or names of such Shop Xxxxxxx or Shop Stewards. The Company agrees that no Shop Xxxxxxx shall suffer any discrimination by reason of holding such office.
SHOP XXXXXXX. B2.01 The Union shall elect or appoint a Shop Xxxxxxx to ensure that the provisions of this Agreement are adhered to. The Shop Xxxxxxx shall have no authority to alter, amend, violate, or otherwise change any part of this Agreement. The Employer shall recognize the Shop Xxxxxxx as the representative of the Employees, and hereby recognizes that the power to elect a Shop Xxxxxxx on a production or the elimination of the Shop Xxxxxxx position is solely vested with the Union. The Union shall notify the Employer by telephone and in writing of the name of the Shop Xxxxxxx and all respect due the position shall be accorded to the Xxxxxxx. The Union, Shop Xxxxxxx(s) or other appointed or authorized Union representative shall resolve all differences and disputes arising under this Agreement only with an authorized and designated representative of the Employer.
SHOP XXXXXXX. The Employer shall recognize a Shop Xxxxxxx as appointed by Local 669 or elected by the Employees on each production unit. The Employer shall be notified of the identity of the Shop Xxxxxxx. Any person so appointed or so elected shall have the complete cooperation of the Employer in the reasonable performance of his/her duties to inspect all working conditions governed by this Agreement. Shop Stewards shall not be discriminated against.
SHOP XXXXXXX. A. The Union shall be entitled to one (1) shop xxxxxxx for every twenty (20) represented employee during this contract period. Stewards shall be selected from represented employees. The Union shall immediately notify the OSP and the Department of Administrative Services Labor Relations Unit of the names of Shop Stewards and their work unit location. The Union shall identify the primary and alternate work sites for which the Xxxxxxx is responsible.
SHOP XXXXXXX. The Union shall appoint a Shop Xxxxxxx who is a member of the bargaining unit as defined in Article 3.01, to represent bargaining unit members to the Employer, in a manner that is consistent with the terms of this Agreement and is not arbitrary, discriminatory or in bad faith. The Shop Xxxxxxx shall be assumed to be the Employer’s point of contact for all purposes of this Agreement, except where otherwise provided. Where there is no Shop Xxxxxxx elected or where the Stop Xxxxxxx requires representation, or a members requests, a member of the CUPE 1281 Executive or designated Union representative will be appointed to act as the point of contact with the Employer.
SHOP XXXXXXX. There will be no discrimination against any worker because of past or present union activities or because of race, creed, sex, age or color. However, no xxxxxxx, unless he/she has been designated as the working xxxxxxx on the job, is to use the Employer’s time for union activities. The Employer shall be informed of the names of the appointed stewards. The authority of the job xxxxxxx shall be limited to the investigation of complaints which may be in violation of this collective bargaining agreement. He/she shall present such finding to the Union Agent for processing. No xxxxxxx shall be allowed to solicit membership in this organization or to collect any monies from any employees, nor shall they have any authority to take strike action or any action interrupting the Employer’s business, and shall perform work of the Employer to the same extent as other employees. When an Employer or superintendent deems it necessary to discharge an appointed working xxxxxxx during the course of a job, he/she will, to maintain harmony, inform the Union beforehand of the necessity of such action.
SHOP XXXXXXX. For contractors who employ workers under this agreement, the union has the right to appoint one shop xxxxxxx for a maximum two-year term. The shop xxxxxxx must be a current employee of the Contractor who has been in continuous employment with the Contractor for a minimum of one (1) year. The Contractor shall be notified in writing when a shop xxxxxxx has been appointed. The shop xxxxxxx will be responsible for his regularly assigned work on behalf of the Contractor The shop xxxxxxx shall not be discriminated against nor suffer any recrimination as a result of his performing these functions. The shop xxxxxxx shall be offered the opportunity to share in overtime on the site on which he is working.
SHOP XXXXXXX. 1. The Executive Secretary-Treasurer or his designee having jurisdiction over the job, will select a certified Shop Xxxxxxx. A Shop Xxxxxxx shall always be employed whenever covered work is being performed on any job, except at the end of the job when punch list work is being performed by one employee which does not exceed three (3) days. The xxxxxxx’x employment may be terminated by the Employer after review of complaint against him between the employer and the Business Representative. In the event of a disagreement between the Business Representative and the employer, the complaint shall be referred to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer or his designee for whatever internal actions considered appropriate. A Shop Xxxxxxx can be appointed from an employer’s regular complement of employees, with the consent of the Union, providing he has the appropriate training certifications from the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters’ shop xxxxxxx certification program and who otherwise meets all of the Union’s requirements for appointment as a shop xxxxxxx. Should the Union have due cause to replace the shop xxxxxxx, they will notify the employer, defining the reasons for said replacement.
SHOP XXXXXXX. 15.1 APPOINTED there shall be one (1) Xxxxxxx appointed by the Local Union Business Agent for each Company. The Union shall notify the Employer, in writing, as to the identity of the xxxxxxx, and if the Employer disapproves of the said xxxxxxx, the Employer shall notify the Union in writing stating the reasons for such disapproval. If the reason or reasons are acceptable to the Union, a new xxxxxxx will be appointed by the Union immediately. If not acceptable, the Union and the Employer will meet to discuss the reasons of disapproval and, if necessary, the grievance procedure will be followed. In the event of a lay off, the xxxxxxx shall be retained provided the said xxxxxxx is willing and immediately able to perform the work.