Peer Assistance and Review Sample Clauses

Peer Assistance and Review. The phase when it has been determined, as a result of the Advisory Phase, the practitioner has received two or more ratings of unsatisfactory performance as identified on the Advisory Phase Form.
Peer Assistance and Review the mandatory component of this Program – shall be provided through Consulting Teachers to permanent teachers who are “Participating Teachers” as defined in this Article. This assistance shall not constitute the evaluation of certificated unit members as set forth in Article 14 and Education Code Section 44660, et seq.
Peer Assistance and Review. (PAR)..…………………………………………………… 12 3.09 Participating Teachers 16
Peer Assistance and Review. 5 RSEA and the District are in agreement that there is no funding in place and none is expected in 6 the future. Article 12 will be suspended at this time. We will meet to negotiate if funding 7 returns.
Peer Assistance and Review. 14.1. Purpose
Peer Assistance and Review. Revised effective July 1, 2006
Peer Assistance and Review. 6A.1 The District and the Association shall implement a Peer Assistance and Review Program (hereafter referred to as PAR) for all bargaining unit members. The PAR program shall involve the Consulting Member (CM) who provides assistance and the Participating Member (PM). Teachers shall be referred to PAR on receipt of an “Unsatisfactoryevaluation and/or those who wish to participate in the program.