Definition of Position and Duties

Position and Duties means (i) a position (including, without limitation, offices, titles, and reporting requirements), authority, duties, and responsibilities that are at least commensurate in all material respects with the most significant of, and the highest grade or level of, those that were held or exercised by Executive or assigned to Executive at any time during the 120-day period immediately preceding the Change in Control Event, and (ii) services that are performed at the location where Executive was employed immediately preceding the effective date of the Change in Control Event or any other location less than 35 miles from Peabody, Massachusetts.

Examples of Position and Duties in a sentence

Section 2.1 of the Agreement shall be amended and restated in its entirety as follows: Position and Duties.
Company agrees to employ Executive as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer-Home ("EVP"), and Executive accepts such employment and appointment and agrees to serve Company subject to the general supervision, advice and direction of Company's President, and upon the following terms and conditions: Position and Duties.
Employment Position and Duties You will continue to be employed in the position of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer ("CEO").
During the assignment the following terms will apply: A THE ASSIGNMENT Position and Duties Your position during the assignment will be Chief Financial Officer reporting to Denny Strigl, President and CEO.
Whereas, Company desires to engage the services of Employee, whose experience, knowledge and abilities are extremely valuable to Company, and Employee desires to enter the employ of Company, Now, therefore, Company and Employee agree as follows: Position and Duties; Reporting.