Payroll Practices Sample Clauses

Payroll Practices. All payments, benefits or other compensation under this paragraph 4 shall be paid in accordance with normal payroll practices as in effect on the Termination Date, except as provided in subparagraph (h) hereof, and subject to required payroll withholdings over the course of the period provided for within the applicable subsection above.
Payroll Practices. The Agency shall maintain payroll records and payroll practices in accordance with federal and state law. The Agency shall make available to nurses, on or before the designated payday for each pay period, detailed earnings data for each category of pay that allow the nurse to verify the accuracy of his or her compensation. The Agency shall also make available a readability key that defines the acronyms and categories that appear on a nurse’s earnings statement all new hires will receive education regarding payroll readability during their new employee orientation.
Payroll Practices. Each Employee will be paid the Employee's annual salary set forth in the Employee's individual contract in twenty-four (24) equal installments. Payments will be made on the fifteenth (15th) and last days of each month. Payment shall begin on August 15.
Payroll Practices. Unless otherwise provided herein, the pay of any member taking any of the aforesaid types of unpaid leave shall be reduced accordingly. For those taking leave of an entire year, no pay shall be forthcoming. For those taking unpaid leave upon contract days, the member's monthly pay shall be reduced by the member's daily rate for each day of unpaid leave taken.
Payroll Practices. A. PAY DATES Regular pay dates for all Certified Staff (certificated instructional personnel) will be the fifteenth (15) and the last day of each of the calendar months of September through August. New Certified Staff who are appointed provisionally by the Superintendent will be paid at the anticipated step and lane of the salary schedule pending Board approval of the individual’s hire.
Payroll Practices. The District will respond promptly to requests for employment and wage verification and will immediately notify the Certified Staff member of the same. If the outside request is for release of any other information not already covered by law, the Certified Staff member will be asked to approve prior to its release.
Payroll Practices. A. Pay Periods Annual pay shall be computed on the basis of twenty-four (24) pay periods.
Payroll Practices. A. Pay Dates A salaried bargaining unit member shall receive his/her salary in twenty-six (26) biweekly substantially equal pays. Those members opting for twenty-one (21) pays as of the 2009-2010 school year shall continue with this option until such time as they opt for twenty-six (26) pays. All new members shall be required to accept wire transfer of their paycheck. Unless a bargaining unit member requests a paper copy of their pay stub with the Treasurer by September 1, notice of direct deposit will be provided via the member’s school email account.